ABC Award

First, let me thank Sonya Lira of Capture you photography  for nominating me for the ABC Award – Awesome Blog Content.  I’ve  only been blogging for a short time and had been unaware that the blogging community is  just that– a community.  And it’s a community of incredibly talented people.  I’ve seen the odd, the outrageously funny;  insightful, artistic talent which of course includes some of the best photography I have ever seen.  Here’s a link to Sonya’s website:

Now I must describe myself using each letter of the alphabet.

A:  Anachronistic; I should be living in a future filled with peace, marvels, and William Shatner
B:  Bizarre sense of humor
C:  Cancer survivor; can never get away from that for some reason
D:  Defender of animals and my garden
E:  Egocentric but only when it’s about me
F:  Funny, female, fusilier
G:  Graduate school– survived it
H:  Heralder, actually backup heralder in the Society for Creative Anachronism, otherwise I was a maiden
I:  Iconography study of the ancient Mayans was a long time hobby of mine
J:  Justice, and the American way, that’s my motto. Oh, and truth, too.
K.  Knitter, but I prefer to crochet
L:  Love my laptop, truly love my laptop
M:  Married no more. I’m free
N:  New Mexico– lived there a long time
O:  Own very little– I’m a minimalist
P:  Polite, I’m a very polite person
Q:  Questioning. I’m always questioning, researching, investigating
R:  Rambling– I rarely ramble
S:  Succinct– I don’t often have a lot to say. Can’t stand “R”, rambling
T:  Tedious– I find opera and Nietzsche, tedious
U:  Useless– I have no use for useless information
V:  Vespa loving; really would like to have a Vespa
W:  Worn– I feel worn out sometimes
X:  Xylophone– actually played the xylophone when I was a kid.  My mother accidentally gave it away
Y:  Yellow– my hair turns yellow, like straw, from the sun
Z:  Zoo– I love the Zoo.  I was a volunteer, a docent, at the Zoo in Albuquerque

I nominate the following blogs for the ABC Award:

To except this award you need to do the following.:

Include a link to the person who nominated you for the award in your post.

Copy and paste the image in your blog post.

Write something about yourself using each letter of the alphabet.

Nominate 2-10 bloggers for this award.

3 thoughts on “ABC Award

    • You, too. I’m not gettin any award. I’ve only been blogging for 2 months. I don’t have much of a history. Be prepared for another nomination, the Sunshine award. I was nominated for that a few minutes ago by rush hour rant and I have to nominate 10 blogs. Yours is at the top of my list. I’ll let you know when I’ve finished that post. Lucy

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