Nothin’ but a hound dog – Part 4

ImageWhen I was in graduate school in New Mexico, I accepted a position as the trainer and keeper of 23 American Foxhounds which belonged to an English style Hunt Club.  In exchange for taking care of the hounds,  I was provided with a house, with free rent and utilities, on the same property as the kennel. Continue reading

Nothin’ but a hound dog: Part 3



I had accepted the position of  trainer for 23 American Foxhounds, a pack owned by a real live, English style Hunt Club in New Mexico, in exchange for a house with free rent and utilities. I promised them I would change the chaotic behaviors of the pack. When I last left off, the hounds had quickly learned a significant lesson in manners. Once they were regularly calm around me and didn’t jump and didn’t fight over me, could I begin teaching them more. First of all, I found them to be rather filthy, and one poor hound had flies around his head all the time. Even washing his face didn’t help. So, I decided that they would have baths. Apparently they had not had baths since they were puppies, fostered by Hunt Club members until they were ready to be introduced to the pack. Yes, there were puppies in foster care and they were soon to join the us. Continue reading

Nothin’ but a hound dog: Part 1

When I was on the road to Albuquerque to attend grad school at UNM, I called around to Realtors, trying to find a house for rent and a landlord who would take my golden retriever.  Luckily, New Mexicans love their dogs, cats and horses so my dog wasn’t an issue.  One Realtor who was a friend of a fellow student back at UCONN, was trying to get me in a house quickly, since I was already a few days late for classes and I was still on the road.  I called her from whatever motel I was at every evening.  While I was only one more day from Albuquerque  she asked me if I would like a house with free rent and utilities.  That was a no brainer.  She gave me the number of a woman to call who was in charge of a Hunt Club in Albuquerque and she told me to tell this woman I was an expert hunting dog trainer.  I had never trained hunting dogs so it would be a stretch. Continue reading