Some of my favorite conspiracy theories


Apollo 11 Moon Walk

Just the other day I needed a photo of the first moon walk. First attempt, using the world’s favorite search engine, and the FBI’s as well, I was given images of Michael Jackson moonwalking. Okay, maybe I should have mentioned the year 1969 and  Neil Armstrong. Continue reading

An Actor’s Tale: chasing Chaucer


Hurrah! The conclusion of An Actor’s Tale is finally here. And you who have waited with bated breath for the finale. It only appears long. It is not nearly as long as a game show or that last leg of a drive home when you can barely keep your eyes open. Continue reading

An Actor’s Tale: infinite jest


Dexter Pinenter enjoyed reading Shakespeare, but he loved going to the plays. Eventually he became an actor–a well-paid, highly sought-after, Shakespearean actor. His favorite role was that of Hamlet. Dexter could do crazy at the drop of a hat. He could be mean; he could be funny; he could be dying; he could be slaying. But of all the characters he could portray, Dexter was at the top of his game as Hamlet. Dexter’s career was exceeding his expectations. He was a devout follower of himself. If he’d had a magic mirror he was sure it would affirm that he was the best actor of them all. Until that dull, dimwitted, British historian rolled in like an oily, thick fog…. Continue reading