Bed bugs, Mostly Dead, a stubborn hibiscus, and what about Bob?


Ever have bed bugs? One can pick them up from the gym, a hotel, or even a friend. There’s no cleaner person than RM’s son, “the boy” yet while I was in the skilled nursing facility (aka the home) RM told me the boy had discovered bed bugs in his bedding. Continue reading

Mostly dead tree, a knee brace, lizards as living ornaments and yes, we have bananas

2015-04-21 11.32.11When I returned from nearly 2 months at the “skilled nursing facility”, I discovered to my surprise that Mostly Dead Tree is still alive and birds were nesting in the dense foliage of the tree’s remains. Mostly Dead is only half a tree and resembles some sort of distorted bonsai tree. Continue reading

Garden requiem in excelsis

2015-01-07 09.24.14

Surely you should be dead by now hibiscus


So this is another Florida winter!  After days of temperatures in the 70’s F (20’s C), having to turn on the AC (mostly because RM has been suffering hot flashes), it is early morning, at the time of writing, and 59 F (15 C). I am cold but I dare not turn on the furnace for fear it would wake my roommates, and I do enjoy my quiet early mornings. Continue reading

Mostly Dead Tree Mostly Gone

2014-11-22 16.31.25 2014-11-22 16.30.04

Trees are nature’s wondrous edifices. They provide food, shelter, and shade…a place for a swing or tree house, or just a place to climb for fun or from danger. Trees make oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide and in forests and jungles–rain forests, are the engines of the planet’s climate–driving the planet’s rains. Continue reading

Garden update

 I  like gardening – it’s a place where I find myself when I need to lose myself. – Alice Sebold

It’s getting close to the Vernal Equinox.  Spring will begin March 20th.  It’s  time for an update on how the plants weathered the winter here in Florida.  We had several weeks of below 60 F (15 C) which may sound ludicrously warm to those of you who have received a lot of snow.  Sorry about that.  I had to lug several of my potted plants into the house at night, such as the aloe vera, the crown of thorns; New Guinea impatience, and my young banana plants. It was a pain in the toches but well worth it in the long run. Continue reading


2013-12-11 09.39.372013-06-11 09.10.07

Does one of these plants look dead to you?  It was Purslane. You can see what it once looked like.  Such lovely little flowers.  Until Mostly Dead Tree dropped a big old branch on it.  I thought I had pulled it back from the brink, but, then the squirrels started digging in the pot,  stashing their nuts. Continue reading

Latest update: mostly dead tree

From the yard of mostly dead tree2013-11-23 10.06.12 (2)
Mostly dead tree has taken several slight hits over the past week.   Rain and wind from the Gulf caused her to lose a few mostly dead branches.   Small  pieces of rotting  branches  from the mostly dead canopy have been dropping like  dead flies  but she’s holding on.   Photo is from her last major loss of limb and no life.   You can see the break in the foreground.