Martha and the vandals


“What the…? Will you look at that, Randal? Come here and look what someone did to my sculpture!”

“What? Looks the same to me, Martha.”

“Call the Police, Randal!”

“It was plain vandalism, Officer Neoapollotano. I want fingerprints and I want the vandals found! They took Randal’s obsidian arrowhead he made in graduate school. He could make stone tools like a…Neandertal.”

“Can you put a value on the arrowhead…?”

“You are missing the point, Officer. What about the vandalism?”

“I understand, Mrs. Warwickii. I would be upset, too, if I found…THAT in my yard before I had my morning coffee.”

Friday Fictioneers
Photo prompt: copyright Douglas M. Macilroy
Word Count: 100

Thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for hosting Friday Fictioneers.

The witch and the dragon



Today he felt better than he did all week–having cleansed himself in an ocean of blood. The demons were gone–perhaps never to return. That in itself was well worth the effort. He could hear the screams of rancor and derision–spitting on his countenance in a fury of profanity…oh, they were angry. Continue reading

The Terrible Two’s


“You smell terrible. What happened?”

“I’ll tell you after I bathe Roger and I take a shower. I’m beat right now….”

“You can’t come in. The storm knocked out the electric so you can’t take a shower. There are horse flies buzzing around you.” Continue reading

Walking on the Sun

Nazca Desert, Peru

Nazca Desert, Peru

“Yes, hello?”

“Ma, it’s me.”

“Me, who?”

“Very funny. You left a message. Said it’s very important?”

“Not too important, DeDe.”

“Ma, I’m in the middle of nowhere in the Nazca Desert, bouncing this expensive call off a satellite heading for Jupiter. What is it?” Continue reading

Favors and Other Lovers


“Stewart are you in here?”

“What do you want, Whitney? Make it fast, I’ve got to take the Ferrari out for a spin. I tightened up a few things and I want to make sure they don’t come loose.”

“What things? Like what?”

“Whitney, if I told you, you wouldn’t understand. Let’s just say it had something to do with the steering distributor system, okay?” Continue reading

Artifact: A Carny Point of View

My name is Mike Kandinsky and I manage a carnival. We tour the Midwest, mostly, and Canada. It’s a substantial show, and while other carnies are trimming down, and cutting their venues, we just keep on growing. It all comes down to scheduling and demographics. And a nephew in economics at MIT doesn’t hurt. Continue reading

Icing on the cake

DSC_0075Winter Racing At Aqueduct Racecourse


“Well, He does work in mysterious ways.  Seems like it’s all here. Wherever did the penniless Lucas Vang get $7000 cash?”

“I suppose that’s a rhetorical question, Mr. Snake, so I won’t bother answering it.”

“Suit yourself. We’re done. Take your fine self out of here.  See he leaves, Guido.” Continue reading