A dark cloud followeth me





At least one of these images is not that of a ski boot. It’s not the latest fashion footwear, nor is it a device for strengthening one’s ankle in preparation for “Dancing with the Stars”. It is most decidedly not that freakishly, strappy, astronaut pump that Neil Armstrong would have looked smart wearing for mankind’s first footstep on the Moon and when worn, it makes driving a 2000 5-speed Toyota MR2 Spyder convertible a tad awkward. Continue reading

Zombie dating


Let’s talk about  zombie dating services. Yes, there is such a thing as zombies dating–virtually. However, there is no such thing as a zombie–not in reality. But, then, one has to remember all those Star Trek Conventions one went to over the years dressed in various Star Fleet uniforms and then zombie dating becomes understandable. Continue reading

Massacre on Mars

“Captain Hong?  Can you see this on your screen?  It’s on Hatch 3.”

“Roger that, Albright.  Looks like an insect of some kind.  It’s big!”

“I can see it on my heads up.  It’s 45.7 cm in length.  It’s a foot and a half long, Hong!  Anyone got a can of RAID?” Continue reading

Supplanting evolution

Dr. Illyana Davinich knew she was making the right decision by altering the ship’s course to the small island off the coast of Borneo.  She had convinced Vladimir Dragonovic, Captain of the Russian research vessel, Aleksandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn, that it was necessary for humanity’s survival to thwart Dr. Papadopoulos’ heinous initiative: the supplanting of the human species by super insects. Continue reading

Celebrate quilting


Today is not only the Ides of March, and the 2058th anniversary of the heinous murder of Julius Caesar, it is also National Quilting Day here in the USA.  Let’s all celebrate those people who can sew creatively, unlike many of us who have trouble sewing on a button.  You know who you are. Continue reading

Flash Fiction Challenge #10 – Numb

“How about another round, Mitz”?

Mitzi already had a buzz on.  She wasn’t much of a drinker since medical school. But, she didn’t want the evening to end, yet.
“Sure, Val. ”

Valerie knew that what she was about to tell Mitzi was going to be a real buzz kill. She needed to get Mitzi numb.  “Camerero.  Dos marqaritas, por favor.” Continue reading