The return of the excessive gardener?


Well, after six surgeries on my left leg last year–the sixth being in October–I am finally back. Left with a lot of complications from the last surgery, I am only now conscious of my surroundings. Imagine my surprise at the number of changes to WordPress.

While away, my roommate (RM) and her son did not care for my garden and potted plants…no surprise there. All the banana plants are gone. I managed to salvage a few potted plants–hardy ones like Ixora, Croton, Mandevilla, Mexican Petunia and Crown of Thorns. My garden is a dead zone. All the Aloe vera and other succulents are in pathetic condition so I’ll probably just toss them and stick with the hardy plant varieties. It’s a shame, really. All they had to do was water some of them once or twice weekly. The potted succulents were over-watered. Go figure. What bothers me most is that RM is stupid enough to believe that I wouldn’t notice their neglect by freshly watering the plants just before my return(s) home from hospital.

A gardener has to come to terms with the conditions of maintaining plants, shrubs, trees and landscapes in general. Here in Florida, the varieties of plants are nearly boundless. Yet, one has to consider the amount of effort involved in maintaining one’s garden. When I first moved here I was guilty of over-indulging in all the pretty plants one can grow year-round here; hence, my moniker, the excessive gardener. I have quickly learned that one ought to be a prudent gardener and I’ve thought about changing the name of my blog to reflect such. However, though I might be leaning towards being more prudent, I still have excessive tastes and tendencies. So, I’ll just leave it as is.

It’s good to be back.


10 thoughts on “The return of the excessive gardener?

    • Thanks for the loathing. Unfortunately, i am unable to safely live by myself. I’m still in a wheelchair–sometimes I use a walker around the house. With time and physical therapy I hope to be able to live my solitary life once more (with occasional trips to Disney World). I’ve known RM for 25 years, mostly long distance. Living with her has been a real eye-opener.

      Good to hear from you. Lucy

  1. Great to see you posting again. Do you have a post about why you had to have so many surgeries on one leg? I am sorry to hear about your plants hopefully you can get some new ones soon that will be better than ever.

    • No, I haven’t written about the reason for all the surgeries. I thought it would bore people.Maybe I’ll write something.

      When Spring hits I’ll probably get some more plants but I’m looking at another surgery and perhaps another stay in a nursing facility and any new plants will just be neglected by RM and her son. So, why bother? We’ll see what happens. Lucy

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