Flash Fiction Challenge #2: Click



“Sarge, what about Ricco?”

“I said nobody move you jerkwad!”

“Ricco! What about Ricco?”

“It’s too late for her. Turn ’round and track back with TBone. Now!”

“We can’t go back, Sarge, that thing’s right behind us!”

“You wanna die here, Soldier? Burnt chunks of meat in a mine field?”

“Did you see what that thing does? I’m not gonna be skinned alive, Sarge! Game over!”

“Shit! I can see it, I can see it. Sarge, I … ”


Andy, Andy. AJ wake up!”

“Wha … Trisa … what? What’s wrong?”

“The dream again.”

Trisa was drenched in sweat. The dream, hell, the nightmare was coming for her more often now. He wasn’t sure if they could stop it even if Trisa wanted to. They were both in over their heads.

She was shivering now. Andy walked over to the wardrobe, grabbed a blanket and wrapped it around her.

“Trisa, baby …”

“Don’t “baby” me, Andy. I never wanted to go this far but you just have to find out … what ….”

“Trisa, you’re the writer. Don’t look at me that way. Don’t kid yourself. Horror is a dangerous venue and you know it. The implants, the meds; effects of the Eisenberg discontinuity that make you feel like crap…”

“That crap makes us a lot of money. But I never had to go this far before, AJ. Going this deep just to sell another book? No, it’s to settle … you’re not exactly innocent here.”

Enough, Trisa. I don’t want to go over this again. I just want peace. Can you give me some peace, Trisa? Would that be too much to ask?”

“Okay, honey. I’m running from that Azaghe every stinking night, but I’ll be sure to give you some peace.”

“Want me to start a hot shower for you?”

“Sarcasm is lost on you, AJ. I’m going to take one of those little yellow pills and go curl up on a land mine.”


“Nobody move. Ricco, hand me your A4 and a couple of rounds of Dragon’s Breath.”

“TBone, to me! On my left.”

“How much more Dragon do we have left, Ricco?”

“Enough to blow that shitmonster back to hell, and then some, Sarge.”

“Holy, Mother of …. it’s on top of us, Sarge!”


“Soldier, track behind TBone.”

“What about Ricco, Sarge? What about you?”

“We’re already dead.”

“I can see Ricco, Sarge. She’s moving. Oh, Jesus, Jesus, look at her.”

“TBone, track back with Soldier. I’m gonna light up the mines with Dragon and blow that freak off this planet!”

“Soldier, GO!”

“Affirmative. See you on the other side.”


“Trisa. wake up. Wake up, baby.”

Implants are raising hell inside her head but medics can’t remove them while she’s still out there. It’s my fault. I gotta help her:

“Sarge, track TBone into the hills. Hide until we can extract you. Do not engage. Hide, baby.”


“TBone! Fast track to those hills! We got company.”

Prompt: A writer famous for horror stories is writing a story that grows so terrifying  that he/she becomes too afraid to complete it.

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