Palm tree ICBM’s and the dastardly agents of the hegemony

2014-03-07 17.15.23 (2)The first and largest of the palm tree’s missiles, for I believe them to be so, has morphed into a new, and elegant , palm frond.  Do not be fooled.  It is a ruse, a deceit, an unsportsmanlike attempt to disguise itself until such time it is heinously deployed by an agency so foul that even the Persians cringe in fear.  You know of whom I speak. Continue reading

Art History


Remember Art of Pouringmyartout?  Poor Art is not himself of late.  He has virtually disappeared.  No matter how much he protests, he still wants more comments for a stupendous record for one post.   So I’ve written a little ditty for him.  You may express your feelings, good or otherwise, at COMMENT HERE. Click this link and go to Art’s Comment Here post.  Thank you. Continue reading

ABC Award

First, let me thank Sonya Lira of Capture you photography  for nominating me for the ABC Award – Awesome Blog Content.  I’ve  only been blogging for a short time and had been unaware that the blogging community is  just that– a community.  And it’s a community of incredibly talented people.  I’ve seen the odd, the outrageously funny;  insightful, artistic talent which of course includes some of the best photography I have ever seen.  Here’s a link to Sonya’s website: Continue reading