A word about avocado trees

2014-06-25 13.59.11

You know when you were a kid you saved an avocado seed and stuck toothpicks in it and suspended it in a glass of water (one of your mother’s good glasses) and waited for the tap-root to emerge and grow. Eventually it emerged but turned funky looking and your mother declared it diseased and threw it away. Continue reading

Latest update: mostly dead tree

From the yard of mostly dead tree2013-11-23 10.06.12 (2)
Mostly dead tree has taken several slight hits over the past week.   Rain and wind from the Gulf caused her to lose a few mostly dead branches.   Small  pieces of rotting  branches  from the mostly dead canopy have been dropping like  dead flies  but she’s holding on.   Photo is from her last major loss of limb and no life.   You can see the break in the foreground.