Gunga Din and me: revisited


I grew up in a family of devoted readers.  My history with books began with my mother reading to me, and most importantly, reading to me at bedtime.  I read so many books as a child. I loved Grimm’s Fairy tales and  I remember savoring Pippi Longstocking books, and as I grew my tastes grew with me.   In second grade our teacher would end each day by reading to us.   “Gulliver’s Travels” carried me off on strange and splendid adventures. Continue reading

Mostly Dead Tree Mostly Gone

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Trees are nature’s wondrous edifices. They provide food, shelter, and shade…a place for a swing or tree house, or just a place to climb for fun or from danger. Trees make oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide and in forests and jungles–rain forests, are the engines of the planet’s climate–driving the planet’s rains. Continue reading

The dog and potty show


It’s become a cliché to step outside the box, so, let’s step outside your house, stand in the street or on the sidewalk, depending on traffic–turn, and look at your house. Don’t worry how it looks because you’re going to have to imagine how you and the other occupants of your house look to your neighbors. And so, another lesson to be learned by my criticizing Christian with a big “C” roommate (RM). Continue reading

Tennis Anyone?


The phrase “tennis anyone” is associated with juvenile roles played by Humphrey Bogart on Broadway during the 1920’s. The phrase had variants: “tennis anybody?” and “anybody for tennis?”  According to Bogart, it was a method of getting some of the characters off stage so the plot could continue. Continue reading

Right Knee Redux



Hey, everyone. I want to thank all who wished me well going into surgery for the knee replacement and the hearty welcome back I received. Just thought I’d let you know how much my new knee cost:  $112,679 American dollars. I’m doing well. Continue reading

Nuns on ice


The events depicted here took place in a time when Alaska didn’t have tourism; men had not yet walked on the moon; Florida was covered in orange groves; soccer was not embraced by American schools, and almost everyone smoked…something. Continue reading

The dogs of winter


As many of you know, this weekend was Fall Back Weekend in the States. I awoke at the new time of 7 AM to find that it was 45 degrees F or 7 degrees C outside. The winds yesterday were outrageous. The huge leaves of my potted banana plants acted like propellers–lifting them off the ground and dropping them in a scatter of torn leaves and dumped dirt. Continue reading

The Terrible Two’s


“You smell terrible. What happened?”

“I’ll tell you after I bathe Roger and I take a shower. I’m beat right now….”

“You can’t come in. The storm knocked out the electric so you can’t take a shower. There are horse flies buzzing around you.” Continue reading