Mostly dead tree, a knee brace, lizards as living ornaments and yes, we have bananas

2015-04-21 11.32.11When I returned from nearly 2 months at the “skilled nursing facility”, I discovered to my surprise that Mostly Dead Tree is still alive and birds were nesting in the dense foliage of the tree’s remains. Mostly Dead is only half a tree and resembles some sort of distorted bonsai tree. Most of my plantings were near death but I simply added water and with a little pruning, they are making a comeback. The “Boy” cleaned out the garage and put a rather rusted pedestal ash tray on the back patio and two large lizards have taken up being ornaments–even matching the rusty coloration. The sick-looking banana plants by the back fence were about to succumb to a very sharp machete when I noticed that one poor plant with barely one leaf is growing bananas.

Then there was the day we were held hostage at the local garden center and I couldn’t leave until I bought enough plants for a small, but tasteful, estate. In June I will be returning to hospital for more surgery on my knee and the “Boy” will have even more plants  not to water and to bring to the brink of death.

2015-04-26 01.35.07


My knee brace, which takes up my whole leg but would look so much better on a runway model, makes my ambulation difficult, even with the walker. Pain is still an issue even with the large amounts of morphine and Italian ices I consume daily. I fired my physical therapist–let’s not go into that. My new binoculars which I purchased for bird watching in my backyard are only good for watching birds in the next county. I keep trying to enter writing challenges but fall asleep (must be all the Italian ices).

My roommate (RM) has informed me that she will be taking a week’s vacation to spend with a friend down the coast before I have my next surgery. Her friend is 80 years old. Oh, that should be a good time at the 55+ community. That leaves me with the “Boy” and RM’s co-dependent golden retriever.

And, that’s the news from Florida’s Gulf Coast.


8 thoughts on “Mostly dead tree, a knee brace, lizards as living ornaments and yes, we have bananas

    • I agree . I’m down to my last Italian ice but still have plenty of morphine. I’ll send RM to the store tomorrow for more ices and perhaps some sherbet? Good to hear from you. Lucy

    • I’m seeing the specialist ortho surgeon on Monday. Surgery will have to wait until after June 14 because my roomie is booked until then. I’m walking just with a walker. At least I’m out of the wheelchair but I did get a great upper body workout at the “Home” for a few weeks, once I came out of my overdosed state. I even tracked down an alligator that they didn’t know was in the pond next to the parking lot. Lucy

      • Lucy Conrad Walker, Alligator Hunter. Has a ring to it for a reality TV show. I hope your visit goes well Monday, as far as it can go, my friend. We need the surgeries to be done with once and for all, right? I’m thinking of you as always.

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