Martha and the vandals


“What the…? Will you look at that, Randal? Come here and look what someone did to my sculpture!”

“What? Looks the same to me, Martha.”

“Call the Police, Randal!”

“It was plain vandalism, Officer Neoapollotano. I want fingerprints and I want the vandals found! They took Randal’s obsidian arrowhead he made in graduate school. He could make stone tools like a…Neandertal.”

“Can you put a value on the arrowhead…?”

“You are missing the point, Officer. What about the vandalism?”

“I understand, Mrs. Warwickii. I would be upset, too, if I found…THAT in my yard before I had my morning coffee.”

Friday Fictioneers
Photo prompt: copyright Douglas M. Macilroy
Word Count: 100

Thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for hosting Friday Fictioneers.

14 thoughts on “Martha and the vandals

    • Yeah. I like making up weird, yet pertinent names. Actually, I knew a guy in grad school who could make stone tools like any of the tool artifacts of the Neandertals. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Your too young to know about the title: their used to be a Motown group called Martha and the Vandellas. Lucy

  1. Oh, that’s why the title was somewhat familiar. I wasn’t all that into motown, but had heard the name. Very punny story, I enjoyed it. And I know people who can make stone age artifacts, too. 🙂

    • Thank you. Back then I listened to anything on the radio. Motown was good for while you were driving your car. Otherwise I was very into Steppenwolf. Wow, that’s a blast from the past. thanks again. Lucy

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