The Culling of Pelham 123


Corruption can be defined in several ways such as  depravity and decadence of one who is wicked. One’s tooth can decay and so can a radioactive isotope. A sleaze-bag can be crooked and a scum-bag can be guilty of misconduct. A word can be changed to a debased form and a computer program or data can be erroneously altered. Of all the definitions and examples one can list, there is but a singularly unfettered illustration–the only elucidation of the distinction of corruption, and that would be Dodger Graft.

Dodger was doing a short sentence in Pelham 123 Prison in Whitehope about a two hour train ride from London. Dodger began using a fellow inmate for nefarious reasons and Dodger’s roommate, twice duped by Dodger, shafted Dodger’s latest sap and set up Dodger to take the fall.  Dodger was moved to a cell in the basement the size of a child’s closet and was left there to die. But, die he would not.

Dodger was not only a nasty piece of corrupt genes, he was smart. He managed to find a couple of dumb-as-dirt saps who would let him out at night. First he sliced the throat of the scum who set him up. Then he worked on killing all the rest of the degenerate suckers for whom he had only contempt Then came the most infamous night in Whitehope, when the two guards failed to show and in their places came a Dudley do right and his sidekick, Gomez.

Dudley and Gomez were armed to the teeth. They released Dodger and blatantly followed him as he committed his perverse form of recreation. This pattern continued for a week after which Dudley and Gomez released him one more time. Not far from his cell the miscreant Dodger heard a whisper “thump” and felt something wet on the back of his shirt. Another “thump” and he felt the pain. “Thump” again and again until Dodger was on the floor looking up. One word was carried on his last breath “why?” and then he succumbed.

“Why”? “Why not?” is more like it. Culling is necessary for the survival of the ecosystem when it’s over-populated by an organism–particularly predators such as those foul, villainous, monsters in Pelham 123. No one bothered to investigate–there were no charges, no hearing, no police, no formal inquiry. For that matter there were no funerals, no church services, no memorials–just cremations. Though the crematorium bill was paid, no one picked up the urns of ashes. They went out to sea on a garbage barge. And no one was the wiser.

Flash Fiction Challenge #45
Prompt:  Grab the book (or your favorite book) you’re reading, turn to page 45, close your eyes, point to a word, and write about it.  Have fun!

Word chosen:  Corruption
Word Count: 439

Photo credit:  Strangeways Prison, BBC

Thanks Ms Thain of Thain in Vain for hosting FFC each week.  You’re a darling.

This story also counts towards Nano Poblano and Team Pepper for 11/09/14


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