Erick the Angry Cuban tree frog

I have mentioned, in passing, the tree frog that periodically attacks me.  We started up our relationship last summer when he was just a little guy.  He rode into the house on my shoulder. He continued trying to come inside when I opened the sliding glass doors.  Oftentimes he would be stuck to the glass door like a Garfield with suction cups to the back of a car window.  I would just grab him and stick him on the side of the house like a refrigerator magnet.  This went on all summer.

A couple of months ago he showed up.  He’s grown up.  He came flying out of Mostly Dead Tree and landed on the patio table–his usual way of making an entrance.  He sat staring at me and I stared back.  The moment I averted my eyes he attacked.   He sprang and slammed into my chest, bounced off and landed on the other side of the table.   I just sat there thinking, how weird.  That frog is scary.  I mean, he is one angry tree frog.   He’s been stalking me at night for the past couple of months and has slammed into me when I least expected it.  That frog is a bully.

Today I decided to do some research on him.   I found out that he is a Cuban tree frog, an invasive species here in Florida.  It is recommended to catch and euthanize all Cuban tree frogs. Apparently the Cuban tree frog eats our native tree frogs and lizards.  That explains why I hadn’t seen any baby lizards around.   I have not seen any other tree frog except this angry guy.

The University of Florida  extension gives a detailed humane method for euthanizing the Cuban tree frog.   First you have to catch it.  Once you have it in a resealable plastic bag you have to apply benzocaine ointment to its skin on its back.  Then you reseal the bag and let the ointment put it to sleep, about 15 to 20 minutes.  Then you put the bag of frog in the freezer over night and next day throw it in the trash.   Do not throw a live frog in the trash.

I find this entire procedure offensive and rather creepy.   Could you do it?   I can’t.   I doubt my roommate would be okay with a bag of frog in the freezer.  There is an issue with the procedure.  You’re putting a frog, that needs air to breathe in a sealed plastic bag for up to 20 minutes.   That isn’t enough to kill him?

I’m not sure what I’m going to do about Erick. There is that karma thing that makes me conflicted about the whole ordeal.   My roommate thinks we should dump him off on the other side of town.   Tempting.

The featured photo is not Erick.   I took this off the INTERNET.    I seriously do not know what he would do if a flash went off in his face.   I couldn’t find one frog that looks angry.   They all look pretty benevolent.



13 thoughts on “Erick the Angry Cuban tree frog

  1. Take him to a place that has plenty of bugs he will be happy and may not miss you much. LOL.

    • I thought I’d take him to one of the retention ponds where there are plenty of critters. Ducks and fish and frogs and all kinds of bugs. The problem is…. well, he’ll eat other frogs, unless they’re bigger than him. Hope he doesn’t get into too much trouble. Lucy

    • Yuck. I’ve decided to take him for a ride to a retention pond where he can kill and eat all the other frogs and become an out-of-control monster terrorizing the old people in the trailer park nearby. That’s my plan. Lucy.

  2. You will be doing all the lizards and native tree frogs a favour though. By putting it over the other side of town you are just moving the issue somewhere else. Is there not a veterinary surgery nearby, perhaps they could do it?

    • Hahaha. I just found out we have a second one. Actually, I probably could call Animal Control and find out if they will do it. They;ll probably tell me to contact some nature group. For now, I’m doing nothing. Lucy

      • Now we have a snake, too. Snakes eat lizards but they also eat frogs. Oh, it’s all so heartless, so be talking about killing some poor frog that’s only trying to survive. They’re all trying to survive. It is supposed to be survival of the fittest. Oh, I shouldn’t get started on that. Lucy

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