The Prattle of Littledog and Bighorn

Littledog: “Hey, you with the Princess Leia…thingies.  Whataya in for?”

Bighorn: “I’m in for the day, actually.”

Littledog: “No, what did you do to be punished like this?”

Bighorn: “This isn’t punishment, old boy, it’s an excellent view of the young ewes. I’m able to see up their garments.  Care for a peek?”

Littledog: “Aw, I’ll just get into trouble. Thanks, though.”

Bighorn: “I have a “get out of jail free” card.  Would that help you?”

Littledog: “What about you?”

Bighorn: “I’m rather dead, old boy–11 years.  I’m a head.”

Littledog: “Ahead of what?”

Bighorn: “The curve, obviously…even dead.”

Friday Fictioneers @ Addicted to Purple
Photo Prompt:  Copyright- Adam Ickes
Word Count:  99
Many thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for hosting Friday Fictioneers



29 thoughts on “The Prattle of Littledog and Bighorn

  1. Title cracked me up… ‘The Prattle of Littledog and Bighorn’ – clever and amusing. And a really amusing take on the photo… ‘hey you with the Princess Leia thingies…’ love it.

    • Sorry. I came in after watering and was all bitten up by mosquitoes and took a benedryl for the itching and fell asleep. The bugs are driving me insane. Thanks for liking the prattle ditty. I didn’t; know what to do. I just let my fingers go for it on the keyboard. In my head I heard Bighorn with the voice of Sean Connery. For the longest time after getting the photo prompt, I thought that the Bighorn was alive. So did littledog.

      Thanks for reading my stuff. I have to catch up on reading yours and the rest of our little world. I just had to take another benedryl. It’s like 8am here. I’ll send you the email today. Later, Lucy.

      • I have to scratch, it itches. Unfortunately I was bitten days ago on my left arm–that’s where I had the lymph nodes removed under my arm and it has been so swollen it’s twice as big as my other arm. It’s been hard to type my fingers are like sausages. Guess I have to see the doc. Lucy

      • I know. He could be alive. How can you tell from that photo.?

        Yes, once you have Bighorn sound like Sean Connery, it’s actually funny. I’m glad you stopped by. Thanks, Lucy

  2. delightful story . . . enjoyed imagining the lively banter between your two characters, especially the Bighorn’s responses. big laughs.

    • Thanks. I appreciate it. Actually, I imagined Bighorn sounding like Sean Connery. I was wanting to mention James Bond somehow.. One hundred words don’t go very far. Thanks for coming by. Lucy

    • Thanks. For the longest time I didn’t realize the Bighorn was only a head. I thought he was alive and so well-behaved. Thanks for coming by and as always I appreciate your comments. Lucy

  3. “I’m rather dead, old boy” – you’re absolutely right, it is Sean Connery! And Pixar should be making a movie of this, surely – I can see it now 🙂

    • Thanks. I’ll write the script but Sean has to do Bighorn’s voice or nothing. I see Adam Sandler as Lttledog. Thanks for stopping by. I’m glad you heard Sean’s voice, too. Lucy

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