Flash Fiction Challenge #5 – The Break

“Doesn’t she work here anymore? I talked with her every evening.  She never said anything…”

“Allen, you know as much as I do. I’ve tried calling her on her cell and your home phone but no one ever answers.  I even stopped by your house a few times but no one came to the door when I rang the bell…”

“I’ve been talking with her every night, Rhonda. I told you I’ve been in South Africa. I don’t understand why she won’t answer the phone when you call.”

“You just got in today? And no sign of her at home? I don’t understand, either. What is she up to?  Do you think she’s in some sort of trouble?  Allen, maybe she’s being held hostage…”

Rhonda grabbed Allen’s hand , “I don’t know why I just didn’t call the police.  But your neighbor, Mrs. Somebody, told me she has seen her coming and going from the house.  To think my lack of inaction could mean…”

“Don’t think that way, Rhonda. I told you. She’s  fine. And the neighbor told you she saw her. Which neighbor was that?”

Mrs…. it began with a B… Baylor? Bayer?”

“Oh, Mrs. Balleau.  Yes, she and Lydia have been antiquing together. And you said she saw lights come on in the house at night?”

” What’s going on?”

“I’ll find out tonight, won’t I?   I’ll call you, okay?”

Early that evening…

Allen stood away from the door as it was unlocked from the outside.  Lydia stepped inside…

“Allen, sweetie. You’re home. What a nice surprise.  How was your flight …”

“Do you want to tell me what’s going on, Lydia?  Oh, and Rhonda is a nervous wreck. You’ve been missing from your office for weeks…”

Lydia removed her raincoat and flamboyantly pointed to  her right arm, which was in a blue cast from her upper arm to her hand.

“I kinda broke my arm, Allen, as you can see– three places.  I’ve been on leave.”

“When did that happen? How? You never said anything over the phone about breaking your arm.”

“I slipped and fell in the grocery parking lot.  I didn’t want to tell you because you would either worry your ulcer or cut short your trip.”

“So you’ve been on leave?  Why did Rhonda tell me all that crap about you being missing from work?”

” Who is Rhonda?”

“Your Office Manager.”

“No, my OM is Sheldon. You know that. I brought Sheldon with me from Bolton’s when I moved to  Acquisitions at Hemingway’s.  The  new OM at Bolton’s is Rhonda Shapiro… what?”

Allen’s face was crimson. He was mortified and had a difficult time composing himself  enough to tell Lydia what he had done.

“I went to your old law firm…  I forgot that you left. I’m sorry, Lydia. You took that position just as I was leaving for South Africa… I guess Rhonda didn’t get the memo that you resigned…”

“Oh, Good Lord, Allen.  That poor woman  thinks I’ve been kidnapped!”


Prompt: A man decides to surprise his wife by bringing her lunch at work. When he gets there, he is told she hasn’t  worked there in weeks.

5 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Challenge #5 – The Break

    • Thank you. Actually, this was the 3rd story I wrote for that prompt. Didn’t like the other two. I want to thank you for being a follower. I’m on my way to your site now. Lucy

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