Celebrate quilting


Today is not only the Ides of March, and the 2058th anniversary of the heinous murder of Julius Caesar, it is also National Quilting Day here in the USA.  Let’s all celebrate those people who can sew creatively, unlike many of us who have trouble sewing on a button.  You know who you are.

Did you know that quilting may date back as far as Ancient Egypt? The oldest known surviving quilt example is in Russia.   It is a quilted linen carpet found in a Mongolian Cave.  In Europe, crusaders introduced quilting in the 12th century in the form of a quilted garment worn under armor. One of the earliest surviving decorative quilts, the “Tristan quilt”, was made in Sicily around 1390.  In the US, quilt making became common in the late 18th century.

For more information about quilts and quilting, I suggest The Project Gutenberg ebook  (http://www.gutenberg.org/files/24682/24682-h/24682-h.htm).



2 thoughts on “Celebrate quilting

    • I wish I could sew. I had a choice in catholic school, sewing or Art. I should’ve taken the sewing because the nun threw me out of Art for life. Lucy

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