Zombie dating


Let’s talk about  zombie dating services. Yes, there is such a thing as zombies dating–virtually. However, there is no such thing as a zombie–not in reality. But, then, one has to remember all those Star Trek Conventions one went to over the years dressed in various Star Fleet uniforms and then zombie dating becomes understandable.

Let us not forget memorizing the Star Fleet Manual. I can still rattle off the Prime Directive and the  compliments of weapons on board various Star Fleet vessels and I bet I can beat the Kobayashi Maru scenario with one hand tied behind my back. It’s okay if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

ImageI just typed in “zombie dating” in the search bar which brought up a plethora of online services. On my other blog I wrote a couple of posts about zombies, in particular, about whether I could survive a zombie apocalypse (Sapient Chronicles). I decided that unless certain things fell into place for me, I would only last a few days. I hadn’t thought about zombies being preoccupied with trying to get a date for the apocalypse. That changes the whole ball game for me. Zombies have a soft spot–I could exploit that and maybe last months or even a year. At least until the Avengers come and save the day. Fantasy and fantasy role-playing is not specific to any one generation or any one time period. That conjures up visions of early humans sitting by the fire, playing Caves and Mastodons, or Caves and Mammoths. I can imagine the weapons one would try to win: clubs, spears, obsidian blades, women, photon torpedoes (just checking to make sure you’re paying attention).

Yes, people buy into these fantasies. Why? Isn’t reality enough? Hell no. Fantasy is being free of earthly bonds like car payments and school or work or living with your mother. It’s kind of funny to go on some of the zombie dating websites. Zombies have different sorts of “likes” and “dislikes” and what’s important in a relationship, of which the most important is that one must be dead. That’s Imageunderstandable. I checked out one website in particular which justified its existence with: “because the apocalypse doesn’t have to be lonely” (ZOMBIEHARMONY). I get that. I have been known to be a zombie. My mother would say that I walked around like a zombie until I had my coffee, My roommates will attest to that as well. Do not ask me to make a decision before my first cup of dezombifying coffee. That’s it. That’s how we fight the zombies, folks. We dezombify them with coffee–make sure it isn’t decaffeinated.

Zombies dating zombies isn’t the only scenario for the walking dead. There are sites in which a living person can be matched with a zombie. Personally, I’d rather date a geek–yep there’s a site for geeks to find other geeks and non-geeks looking for geeks. I did not find any site for a geek wanting to Imagedate a zombie or vice versa. There must be zombie geeks  because if I can think it than someone else probably already has. I’ve seen sites for how to survive as a zombie and how to survive as a living person and there are zombie hunters and what kind of firepower one needs to blow away those troublesome zombies.

It’s all very simple, really. The definition of fantasy, as pertains to our usage here, according to the Oxford online dictionary is: “the faculty or activity of imagining things, especially things that are impossible or improbable”. We all fantasize. Some of us dress up for it–some are kinky–but we all do it one way or another. Each generation expresses itself differently. It’s a search for identity and a way to say, after being a child and having little say in the way your life was going–“hey, I’m here and I have self-determination now so don’t dismiss me.” Personally, based on my experience with “peace, love, and flower power”, it was a way to shock the old people. And it works.



3 thoughts on “Zombie dating

  1. Love all things Trek, but zombie stuff leaves me cold (cold – get it?). Perhaps I need to get hold of all the seasons of ‘Walking Dead’ – so my niece tells me anyhow and I must admit I am intrigued. Someone should open a spa or beauty salon for zombies; all that flaking, peeling flesh is annoying. A good loofah scrub would do wonders for their appearance and self image. Are there clothing stores that cater to the walking dead? Just because you’re dead, you don’t have to let your appearance go to hell…

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