Physics and the English muffin


Look at the size of the muffins in the above image. One could easily make Eggs Benedict for two on those muffin halves. An “Egg McMuffin” would be pure gluttony! I realize it’s difficult to read the caption :  “Pull a Thomas’ English Muffin gently apart with your fingers and you’ll discover…ridges and valleys that toast to a golden perfection….. Thomas’ Promises!”
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Bed bugs, Mostly Dead, a stubborn hibiscus, and what about Bob?


Ever have bed bugs? One can pick them up from the gym, a hotel, or even a friend. There’s no cleaner person than RM’s son, “the boy” yet while I was in the skilled nursing facility (aka the home) RM told me the boy had discovered bed bugs in his bedding. Continue reading

Hi, Ma, it’s me


Rio Grande Zoo Main Entrance by C. Burnett

Rio Grande Zoo Main Entrance by C. Burnett

“Hi, Ma, it’s me.”


“No, Ma, your favorite daughter.”

“De De, I was just thinking about you. You finally decided to call me?”

“You know how to dial the phone. You can call me.”

“You never answer and I don’t like talking to that machine.”

“You’re weird, Ma. I sent you a card. Did you like the photos?”

“Oh, I took them to my volunteer job at the Hospital and showed them to all my volunteers. That Roger looks just like a Polar Bear. Some of them thought he was a Polar Bear but I told them he’s my daughter’s Golden Retriever. Continue reading

Martha and the vandals


“What the…? Will you look at that, Randal? Come here and look what someone did to my sculpture!”

“What? Looks the same to me, Martha.”

“Call the Police, Randal!”

“It was plain vandalism, Officer Neoapollotano. I want fingerprints and I want the vandals found! They took Randal’s obsidian arrowhead he made in graduate school. He could make stone tools like a…Neandertal.”

“Can you put a value on the arrowhead…?”

“You are missing the point, Officer. What about the vandalism?”

“I understand, Mrs. Warwickii. I would be upset, too, if I found…THAT in my yard before I had my morning coffee.”

Friday Fictioneers
Photo prompt: copyright Douglas M. Macilroy
Word Count: 100

Thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for hosting Friday Fictioneers.