Bed bugs, Mostly Dead, a stubborn hibiscus, and what about Bob?


Ever have bed bugs? One can pick them up from the gym, a hotel, or even a friend. There’s no cleaner person than RM’s son, “the boy” yet while I was in the skilled nursing facility (aka the home) RM told me the boy had discovered bed bugs in his bedding.

Apparently one of his friends came for an overnight visit and as luck would have it, brought the boy tiny, biting bugs that would not stop breeding. Then RM discovered that bed bugs made it to her room as well so they both tossed their bedding and rugs and sprayed. They sprayed my room as well, just in case.

There I was at the home with an infected fake knee, and all I could think about was my frigging bad luck. And then, I had to hear about bed bugs. First, cancer, then a frigging infected fake knee with three surgeries done and two more to go, and I have the pleasure of returning to my home with bed bugs. Lucky, lucky, me.

2015-06-25 14.52.20 (2)

Okay, I’m done whining. On a happier or maybe not, note, Mostly Dead Tree still lives. As you may recall, the boy cut dead branches off Mostly Dead with my hand saw (only 7 inches in length) and rendered Mostly Dead  half a tree. It was quite the butchering job. The half remaining grew new branches and lots of foliage. Only, the tree is still rotting. If we have high winds, or even heavy rains, it will break apart and land on the roof of the house. We really should cut her down. What to do, what to do…?

2015-06-25 14.41.51 (2)

Remember Surely you should be dead by now hibiscus? Surely lives. I cut her back–down to the soil–yet she has grown and flowered. I am so over that plant. She has had every conceivable disease and insect infestation and I treated each and every one of them. She has been eaten by snails, caterpillars, grasshoppers, and rabbits and she still lives! She’s on her own now. We’ll see how Surely fares.

2015-06-24 16.26.04

There’s another hibiscus that is a scrawny-looking tree.  It’s a double hibiscus. There are only a few blooms but they are stunning. I plan on cutting it back, though. RM will have a fit. She thinks it provides shade and privacy.  It’s just a mess.

2013-07-20 09.28.55 (2)

That leaves us with Bob. I’m talking Bob the Mandevilla. It’s a climber and when it’s healthy, it has yellow, trumpet-shaped flowers. However, while I was at the home, the boy was in charge of all the plants in the back yard. He failed to water them for 2 months. I had to cut back all the dying potted banana plants as well as Bob. It’s making a comeback.  I was hoping it wouldn’t. I hate that plant.

Now, you ask “How can you hate a plant?” It’s easy. Especially after trying to save it for so long. It just becomes a nuisance, a burden, vexing; a pain in the neck, an annoyance, a thorn in my side; a pariah, flora non grata, an irritation; takes a licking and keeps on ticking me off (I’m alluding to an old Timex commercial).

Next time, I’ll be covering some of my new plants, in particular: Azalea, Bougainvillea, Croton, Dragon Wing Begonia and several succulents. Most of the plants would be suitable as house plants.


He's only mostly dead

He’s only mostly dead


4 thoughts on “Bed bugs, Mostly Dead, a stubborn hibiscus, and what about Bob?

  1. I love plants – problem is I love reading a book more than I do taking care of them. I’m pretty good with succulents (guess why). Now that I have new furniture on the back porch, I need plants to put out there and make it look pretty. Even though my porch is covered, it gets the harsh sunlight from about 1 p.m. on. Temperatures range from 80s-90s in the summer. Any suggestions?

    Right now, we’re trying to find a tree and bush trimming service to take care of some overgrown bushes. Good luck – no one seems interested in the job.

    Do billy goats eat bushes? Maybe I need to breed goats…

    • Goats eat anything. Any plant you put on your porch will have problems with the sun and heat. Crown of thorns can handle it but they’re succulents. They can get big but they’re always covered in blooms. They have thorns, by the way. You might want to do annuals like pansies and impatience as well as mums, daisies and begonias. If you get perennials you will have to bring them inside in the winter. The crown of thorns is a perennial but can handle the cold as long as it’s on your porch. Your Sistah.

  2. apparently there is a world wide bed bug epidemic – I would have to get a new mattress before I could sleep in my bed again or I would imagine I was itching whether I was or not!

    • I agree with you. Just the thought of bed bugs makes me itch. My roommate and her son have these zippered covers on the mattresses and box springs that are supposed to encase the bugs and they die without a meal. And they have a special spray to kill them and traps. I was gone while all this happened but I remember telling her to call a pest control company. It would have been easier. Lucy

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