Morphine, 25 Raisins, and an odd attachment to frogs

2015-06-03 17.43.49

Welcome to “Bored in Florida”. Continue reading because I can be humorous. Hey, but it’s a dry humor. 

My incomplete knee replacement has affected the limits of my time/boredom continuum. I am finally going to see a specialist orthopedic surgeon next week about re-doing my faulty knee replacement. I have read quite a bit, but I am unable to do any gardening other than watering and re-potting plants. And, I have quite a few potted plants thanks to my shopping frenzy at Home Depot. The Bougainvillea is gorgeous. It has flowered non-stop since I brought it home. This has not positively affected my time/boredom continuum, however.

I’ve read a book every one to two days and it has given me blurry vision and I can’t find my eye drops. I’m grumpy because of the thought of another surgery. Not just the procedure and the rehab after, but what the surgeon might find. Will I have another infection and have to go back to a “Skilled Nursing Facility” and suffer I.V. antibiotics five times every day? I can’t go back to Palm Garden. Seems I was very non-compliant according to my primary doctor who had gotten all the reports on me. And, I was caught smoking more than once and would adamantly deny I was smoking as streams of smoke escaped from my nose.

I am also grumpy because after being on morphine for four months, I took my last tablet a couple of weeks ago and now I feel pain. I can’t get comfortable and I can’t sleep. The subject of my sleeplessness brings me to my odd attachment to frogs. Frogs sleep in my potted plants at night–particularly baby frogs. I go out to the patio and smoke during the course of a night and I’ve developed a relationship with one baby frog that “sings” to me every time I go outside. Baby frogs, this time of year are 1-2 inches in length. It’s fascinating that such small creatures can sing so loudly.

Last summer there was my special friend, “Froggy” who would sing and chirp all the while I had a smoke. But it had a bad experience with a Cuban tree frog who was marauding around my potted plants. Froggy disappeared.  I called for it and heard Froggy on the other side of the yard in my planted banana plants. Froggy came back the next night but the other baby frogs were “gone” and soon so was Froggy. WARNING: GRUESOME PHOTO AHEAD.


I swore I would not get attached to another frog again. Odds are this current Froggy will be eaten by one of so many predators out there. I’ll be depressed–on top of my grumpiness and I don’t even care for frogs. I am not a reptile or amphibian person. However, I am the type that is sympathetic towards any animal life–except snakes and roaches. Oh, and fish. I could care less about fish. I remember watching a snake wrapped around one of the banana plants that caught a lizard as I watched and consumed it head-first. “ew”! Don’t be concerned. I didn’t stay for the show.

On a lighter note…ever hear of “Agatha Raisin”?  The “Agatha Raisin” mystery series is by British author, M.C. Beaton (her nom de plume).  Agatha Raisin is outside the box. Yes there’s typically a mystery, maybe a homicide, and maybe Agatha is a sociopath. Charming, she is not, which makes her funny…not hilarious, but amusing. There are currently 25 books in the series. I really don’t think I have that kind of stamina. I read the first: “Agatha Raisin and the Quiché of Death”, just a few days ago. The Raisin books could act as backup for when that action-adventure, or techno-thriller has spiked your blood pressure and you need something British to read (just joking). Initially, I found the Raisin mysteries to be just plain stupid. Now I’m on book 3…sometimes you need stupid.

Photo: Snake swallowing frog by ImgAce




7 thoughts on “Morphine, 25 Raisins, and an odd attachment to frogs

    • Your comment made me laugh. The day before being released from that nursing facility, I threw caution to the wind and just wheeled myself out to the parking lot and lit up. This woman came up to me after I had just stubbed out the cig and said: “Do you know my title?” She was in charge of keeping the patients safe and enforcing the no smoking rule. When I told her I was being discharged the next day, she ignored my infraction and had such a big grin on her face. She was so happy to see me leave. Lucy

  1. I know that a bad replacement is bad. My mom had a good one and she was very lucky. She had that machine that moves your knee and she used it while she was sleeping. Still to this day she does her exercises while sitting in her chair to keep her knee from stiffing up. I do the same with my shoulder because I really want the use of my right arm so I exercise it several times a day.Hang in there get a new surgeon and a new knee and you will be playing with the frogs in no time lol.

    • Thanks for the encouragement. I saw the surgeon but it’s not good news. It’s a real possibility that further surgery will give me another infection. Not sure I want to do it. Lucy

  2. You’re like the bad girl in school, aren’t you? I can just imagine you sneaking smokes and hiding out from the nursing staff – and then giving them some smart rejoinder when questioned about your whereabouts. You were obviously the problem child while there. 😀 😀 An outlaw!

    Seriously, I hope this time around it won’t be nearly as horrible. You’ve been through the mill; time for a break.

    Enjoy your froggy friends while you can; if you have snakes hanging around your plants (oh dear Lord – snakes are the one thing keeping me from moving to Florida! better gators than snakes), the frogs are likely to be an endangered species around your place.

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