Hi, Ma, it’s me


Rio Grande Zoo Main Entrance by C. Burnett

Rio Grande Zoo Main Entrance by C. Burnett

“Hi, Ma, it’s me.”


“No, Ma, your favorite daughter.”

“De De, I was just thinking about you. You finally decided to call me?”

“You know how to dial the phone. You can call me.”

“You never answer and I don’t like talking to that machine.”

“You’re weird, Ma. I sent you a card. Did you like the photos?”

“Oh, I took them to my volunteer job at the Hospital and showed them to all my volunteers. That Roger looks just like a Polar Bear. Some of them thought he was a Polar Bear but I told them he’s my daughter’s Golden Retriever.

“Ma, those photos are of the new Polar Bear at the Zoo. That’s not Roger.”  I can’t stop laughing.

Silence on the other end…interminable silence….

“Ma? Ma? You there?”  She probably had a stroke. I get her new car.

“I’m here. Are you trying to make your mother look nuts?”  She is nuts.

” Ma, I think you need new glasses.”

“These are new glasses.”  Maybe she needs a seeing-eye Polar Bear. 

“How could you mistake a Polar Bear for a dog, Ma?”

“I don’t want to talk about it. So, what’s new with you, dear?”

“Just hanging around the Zoo, taking photos of Golden Retrievers in their Arctic habitat….”

“What, dear? What are you doing?”

“Listen, I gotta go. I’m volunteering at the Zoo today. I’ll take more photos of the Polar Bear for you.”

“What? Oh…don’t bother.”

“Bye, Ma.”

“Goodbye, dear. Thank you for calling.”




5 thoughts on “Hi, Ma, it’s me

    • Yes, I have thought about writing for tv comedy or sci fi or even mystery. But, that door closed for me long ago. By the way, that conversation really happened. “Ma” is my late mother. The conversation in “Walking on the sun” is also true. Ma was a bit flaky as she got older. Lucy

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