Some of my favorite conspiracy theories


Apollo 11 Moon Walk

Just the other day I needed a photo of the first moon walk. First attempt, using the world’s favorite search engine, and the FBI’s as well, I was given images of Michael Jackson moonwalking. Okay, maybe I should have mentioned the year 1969 and  Neil Armstrong.

Well, I got more than I bargained for: I got conspiracy photos. They were very realistic, and very clear and sharp and, in color (that’s colour for our Brit readers). Take the above photo.  They were going to televise the landing and Armstrong’s words and the planting of the flag. Come on naysayers. Have you ever heard of rehearsing?

Now the first 12 minutes of Armstrong’s landing, his sacrosanct words and the planting of the flag were transmitted in black and white (B&W) for live broadcast by CBS and many Americans and the rest of the world, still had B&W televisions. Buzz Aldrin, who was aboard the lander, had a color movie/video camera at the window of the lander and filmed the whole thing, but that could not be broadcast because the important issue was to be able to transmit the first steps live and NASA was not sure about live transmission issues with color cameras. Most importantly, color cameras at that time were much heavier than B&W and every ounce of weight was critical.

I could go into the moon-landing deniers’ conspiracy theory that the moon-landing never happened but I was there. I had my nose to the television like everyone else. And Walter Cronkite would never lie.



This conspiracy theory has been going on since 1947. It’s the U.S. military that has fueled the controversy by repeatedly changing their story. We’ve all seen Bill Pullman as the President in the movie, “Independence Day”, 1996. Even he didn’t know about it (“plausible deniability”).

I lived in New Mexico for 30 years. New Mexicans just take it for granted that it happened. My ex-husband went with a group into the mountains near Roswell looking for proof. He was supposed to be gone for three or four days. He was back the next day. Too much hiking for him. He was more the couch potato type.


Shakespeare was not Shakespeare

Very little biographical information exists about Shakespeare so…anything’s possible. Just enjoy the plays: the poetic insights, aphorisms and sheer beauty of Shakespeare’s words–whoever he was.

“The quality of mercy is not strain’d, it droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven…” (Merchant of Venice, Act IV, Scene I).

Would you really want to call this style “Baconian” or “Marlowean” (reference to top contenders: Sir Francis Bacon and Christopher Marlowe among others)?


The AIDS Virus was created in a laboratory

You’ve got to look at this one. I mean, the simian-human connection in Africa looks pretty shiny on the surface, but it goes much deeper. I read “The River: A Journey to the Source of HIV and AIDS” 1999, by  Edward Hooper. It’s over 1000 pages but a fantastic read for anyone interested. According to Hooper, the simian precursor to HIV existed in Central Africa for millions of years. He questions why HIV showed up in the middle of the 20th Century and jumped from chimps to humans? So do the rest of us.

The stock answer has been that humans encroached on chimp territory through deforestation blah, blah, blah. That fueled counterculture visions of humans having sex with chimps. Whoa.

Hooper’s theory is that it was due to contaminated  experimental polio vaccine administered near where AIDS appeared–manufactured with infected chimp kidneys. I would think they had a “laboratory” to do that.  It’s a good, well-documented theory, but no one is willing to prove it. No one wants to be culpable for this one.


20 thoughts on “Some of my favorite conspiracy theories

  1. Thank you, Oliver Stone. Where’s Elvis living these days, Lucy? I think man really landed on the moon as you do. I was watching it on TV, too. I believe all of the original stories and none of the conspiracy theories, actually.

    • Well, it depends on the conspiracy theory. Remember the crop circles in Europe? Ended up being a hoax. By the way, while I was in the “skilled nursing facility” I had to have three IV antiobiotics 5 times daily. I didn’t realize for awhile that one was vancomycin. I was sick and lost 30 pounds in 28 days. That’s what your son was on wasn’t it? I put off my next surgery for awhile to recooperate from the anitbiotics. I thought of you and your son. How is he doing? Lucy

      • (I’m thinking of chemtrails and we’ll see if that turns out to be nothing or something.) My son was almost killed by augmentin, but this vancomycin seems to be pretty bad, too! Glad you recovered from that. Did you have to take another antibiotic to recover from the bad one like he did? Hope you are doing better. And thanks for asking, he’s doing so great, we just got back from camping up the coast of California and he’s strong, healthy, eating a lot of food, so I am HAPPY! Plus, he was offered a tenure track position at Univ of Wash in Seattle, now we’re at least on the same coast.

      • That’s great, tenure track. I was on 3 antibiotics for 2 months. Seems it’s tough to eradicate infections in the knee. I think it was the cadaver ligament they put in but they had to take it out because of the infection. Lucy

  2. This was a good read, Lucy.

    I’ve been meaning to ask you, did you ever watch a sci fi show called “FRINGE”? I’ve been watching it on Netflix, and I really like it. I’m through almost four of the five seasons. Good stuff.

    • Yes. I used to watch it religiously. While in the “home” I had my laptop and with Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime I managed to catch up with “Eureka” and “Warehouse 13”. Do you know them? I was on morphine and oxycodone and couldn’t focus to read. Also, I would go in the lounge late at night and watch HGTV, like “Flip or Flop” and “The Property Brothers”. That’s how drugged they had me.

      I’ve read four books this week alone. I’ve been off the narcotics for a week. I can read again. Lucy

      • I am basically a Fringe-a-holic right now. I discovered the show by accident, and am totally hooked. I understand there is a new show out that is called “Wayward Pines” – I think it may be on Fox. It’s by the guy involved with both “Fringe” and “Sixth Sense” (can’t recall his name at the moment). I keep forgetting to watch it though. I’m awful about current TV; I tend to forget to watch. I’m better with watching shows on Netflix, and once they are completed. It’s hard to commit to a weekly series for me. I will have to look at “Eureka” and “Warehouse 13” – not familiar with those. Do you think “Lost” is worth watching? I haven’t made up my mind whether to watch it once “Fringe” is finished. I am definitely going to hate coming to the last episode of “Fringe.” The only other show I felt that strongly about was “Babylon 5.”

        Would you recommend any of the books you read? I have King’s “Revival” on my list to read. I’m always curious about each book he comes out with – although he’s been a bit uneven over the past decade (IMO).

      • I’m not fond of horror. Especially King. However, I love Preston and Child, James Rollins and Orson Scott Card. Right now I’m reading the mysteries of the late Josephine Tey and I’m working through Alexander McCall Smith’s series of “The 1st Ladies Detective Agency”. I just finished #6 today. I also started reading M.C. Beaton’s Agatha Raisin weird, ecclectic mystery series. My next read is “The River Wars” by a very young, Winston Churchill. I picked up Lindsay Faye’s “The Gods of Gotham”–totally out of my genre but the reviews were good. I also picked up James Morrow’s “This is the way the world ends”. Looks good. I’m just near the last pages of “Icehenge” by Kim Stanley Robinson. Not one of his better ones–one of his early ones. I love SF and I would kill for a good SF. I am still ever faithful to Larry Niven and also Greg Bear and Larry Pohl.

        That’s what I’ve been up to. I just noticed that I posted my Friday Fictioneers on the wrong blog–it usually goes on Sapient Chronicles. Hey, I’ve only been off of morphine for a week. I’m trying to get in a bunch of reading and posts because once I have the next surgery I will be drugged up again. Number 4 surgery on the same knee will be hell. I see the new surgeon on Monday. I’ll email you, I really will, about what he plans to do to get me walking again like a homosapien sapien that most of us are. Have a good night. Lucy

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