My knee and I again and again


Once upon a time in a galaxy so very far away, I ran away from my problems because I had two very excellent knees and in space you never hear anyone scream. Per my last short post, I managed to tear the medial ligament after surgery and while still at the hospital. So, back to surgery I went. There wasn’t much they could do rehab-wise so I went home in a wheelchair and an immovable brace on  my leg that even the gods could not remove.  I fell on my butt one evening and insisted RM call 911 to get a couple of sweet firemen to the house to pick me up.  It was lovely. They both came for dinner a few nights later in my dreams.


Next day the visiting nurse called my surgeon’s on call service and the next day I was back in the hospital with an infected knee and a screw loose. However, not just one infection did I have, but, three. Yes. Three infections which required I.V. antibiotics and total bed rest.


This time I am wearing a brace that allows some movement and I don’t have that nasty old, cadaver ligament or loose screw.  I am living in a skilled nursing rehab facility near home. I have been here a week and I am bored as one of the therapists who duck tapes phone books all day. I have Wifi, my own room, direct TV, fuzzy pink dice on my wheelchair, narcotics for pain, and I’m waited on day and night. It is believed that I will be here for 6 to 8 weeks.  If it had a pool or was on the beach I would be here for several months. And, my doctor here at  Club Med is some cutie who is on a local TV station every week. Then there’s my night nurse. but let’s not go into that right now.


Okay, it’s bedtime for me me now. As soon the weather is nice enough I’m inviting Stalkingdog to come by for a visit. Until then, la, la, la, la, la.. Talk to you later…..


Lucy Conrad

7 thoughts on “My knee and I again and again

  1. Wow, sounds like you’re having quite a time there…loose screws, infections, torn ligaments, leg braces, 9-1-1 guys, and narcotics. Yikes. Well, at least you have WiFi and your own room and some device that let’s you access the internet. Oh, and narcotics! I hope things are looking up for you.

    • It’s not so bad, really. Sometimes you want to just cry and other times you just sigh when you see the reality of the world slip by. I feel badly for RM. I just let her take over management of my care and the stress is showing on her. I’m now allowed to put some weight on that leg as I can tolerate–which isn’t much, but I still can’t go home until the infections are completely erradicated. I feel like the Prisoner of Zenda. I went out in the rain to sneak a cig by a dumpster with RM watching my back and six staff came out to check on me. It’s given me a faste of what a nursing home is like. Me no like. At least I don’t have to contend with Ogre Nurse here. Lucy

      • The narcotics work when the idiot nurses remember to give them to you. The best thing of all is a nerve block. No drugs and you feel nothing. I just hope I scar over and won’t need another total knee replacement. . If you ever hear me say “TKR” in a posiivie light ever again, remind me of the cost in money, time, and pain. Lucy

  2. Lucy, while your news is less than delightful, it is delightful to get an update from you. Funny, I was just thinking about you the other day – and missing you and your fiction stories.

    I’m sorry you’re going through such a rough time. Your write about it with humor and grace, but I can’t imagine how challenging this time must be. I hope you’re at least able to set some reading done.

    Hang in there, Sister Grime. Want to see you back here more regularly; most of all, I want to read your flash fiction again. I am missing it way too much!

  3. Oh, Lucy. This sucks bad. Get that infection the hell outta there, Conrad! I’m glad to hear from you. Not glad about what I’m hearing. I know you want to be home keeping the teenager from cutting down all the live trees that remain in the yard. Hey, RM, keep your teenager from cutting down all the live trees …

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