Happy New Year from the Sunshine State of Mind


The Space Station crew gets to celebrate New Year’s Eve 16 times. Luckily no one on board is Aztec and has to celebrate the New Fire ceremony which would require human sacrifice and, of course, fire.

Everyone knows that fire in a closed, oxygen-rich environment in the vacuum of Space can be tricky. Besides, they probably don’t even have 16 people on the Space Station. And, the Aztec New Year isn’t even following Pope Gregory the-whatever’s adoption of the calendar Julius Caesar devised–luckily before all his dear friends, Romans and back-stabbing Senators put an end to his (could he not see it coming?) Emperor’s new war robe. Happy New Yearx16 Space Station. And to all who have followed me excessively:  I hope you get what you need this coming year without having to sacrifice anyone.


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