A word about rice


I am a rice person. I will eat rice with some butter (margarine is scary and butter is full of perils) and Parmesan cheese (cheeses are mucus forming…I don’t know why we eat the stuff) I might throw in some veggies or whatever is in the fridge–be sure to check everything while in there–RM buys veggies just for their decomposition value and she ignores expiration dates.

But, I’m talking about rice….It’s also mucus forming. Yep, makes a great paste. Actually, we shouldn’t eat rice, or meat or milk products ( infants can’t digest cow’s milk the way a calf can). No milk–what do I drink with my Oreo Doublestuff cookies?

When I was a kid, back in prehistoric times, my father use to say (before everyone became politically correct–there are some holdouts) that the reason my mom and I loved rice so much was because when she was carrying me (that was a man’s phrase for “pregnant”) she was chased by a Chinaman. Well, it was silly. But it was a time when millions were starving in China and mother would chastise me for wasting food: “think of all the starving children in China”. I offered to pack up our pantry into boxes and send them to China….

Today, rice is grown all over the world–even in Texas. Texas….Disney World should have a Texas ride…in Fantasy Land.  Texans are very nice. I stayed in Texas a year before moving to Florida:  Texans fry everything, even pickles. I didn’t have a decent meal until I got to Florida.

Rice: you can boil it, fry it, bake it, put it in soup; put chili over it (not that Texas chili), orange chicken, sesame chicken, Kobe beef–any kind of stir fry over it. Yes, it’s even in sushi (yuck).  Of course, rice is not just cooked rice and veggies. It’s also in prepared foods and even in pet foods. Purina has something called Mazuri exotic pet food and provides nutritional diets for zoo animals among others. Yes, even the Black Mamba (deadly poisonous snake) eats rice. Well, the mice it eats have rice in their “kibble” (I was a docent–volunteer–at the Rio Grande Zoo in Albuquerque for many years).

There are varieties of rice. There’s white rice and brown rice and wild rice. There’s long grain and medium grain and even a short grain rice. There are perfumed rices such as Basmati (my favorite) and Jasmine and Sushi and, John Wayne help me–Texmati rice. You know, I saw my first Texas Ranger  up close in San Antonio. She was nice. Personally, I am a big fan of the RCMPs. For those of you who do not know, that’s Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Those red uniforms. This one’s for you, youngster418: any one out there who remembers Sgt. Preston of the Yukon? And his dog, Yukon King?



Still eating Uncle Ben’s rice?  How about that Minute Rice?  My suggestion: cook “rice”. Not pre-cooked or already cooked just-add-boiling-water type rice. It’s not difficult to cook rice. I use one of those microwave rice cookers:  throw in the rice and water and even frozen veggies–into the microwave and there you have it.

And there you have it for now. I will be talking about the controversial golden rice and G.M.O.’s in general.  All right, loyal followers who I dearly love: what do you think my stand is on genetically modified organisms?



21 thoughts on “A word about rice

  1. Krispies! Snap, Krackle and Pop! Fried with itty bitty pieces of pork and onion, with wonton soup, eggroll and barbecued spareribs. A Roni, chicken flavored, even reduced sodium. White, in chicken soup. So much about rice is OK, Lucy, in addition to your list. I’d venture to guess — 50-50 shot here — you are against genetic modification of our foodstuff.

    • Rice Krispies–treats!! My downfall is Rice a Roni, the San Francisco Treat. Well, about the GMO’s. I’ll let you know where I stand in my next post which will probably come out tomorrow–unless I decide to write a short sci-fi story about GMO’s gone wrong and the mayhem that ensues before then. Thanks for coming by, Mark. Lucy

      • I still want to ride on a cable car every time I eat Rice a Roni, Lucy. OK, I’ll be here for the GMO sci-fi mayhem or less fictional explainer, whichever you choose.

    • That’s easy. Sounds good. I just made some rice today with veggies. I forgot about fluffing with a fork and left it for a bit. Well, I just hacked off a chunk and put cheese on it for lunch. How’s your son these days? Hope you’re all well and your tugboat Captain is home or coming home soon. Thanks for coming by. Lucy

  2. For my lunch today I had a steaming hot plate full of leftover veggie fried rice that I picked up a few days ago from the Chinese restaurant carryout across the street. I nuked the leftover veggie fried rice in the microwave for 90 seconds. Delish!

  3. That’s quite some ways to cook rice. I’m all for trying new thing unfortunately my aunt and cousin won’t eat anything but steam rice. My mom and I call them rice buckets because of the amount of rice they consumes (30 pounds of rice in less then three months) and I am talking about dry, not steamed. Is that normal? In my opinion, that’s excessive.

    • Are they still there? Yes, that’s a lot of rice. That is excessive. They’re staying with you–cook what you want and if they don’t like it let them steam some rice. Go buy some boxes of Rice a Roni and try it if you never have. My roommate and her son and I sometimes don’t eat the same things at dinner. The Boy eats mac and cheese a lot. RM loves pasta and I am the rice person. Oh, and the dog loves rice–most dogs do, so he gets the leftovers. Good luck. Lucy

      • Yes, they’re still here. My mom is hoping they would leave at the end of this month but it doesn’t look like it from where I’m standing.

        Those first few weeks, they cooked but yuck. My cousin only knows how to fry eggs and my aunt only knows how to boil. She just boil the water and tosses everything. It’s fun to watch but a torture to endure (no oil, no salt, no taste). So now I cook every meal. Lucky I don’t have to cook the rice, my aunt does that. 🙂

        Mmm, I can actually go for a big bowl of mac and cheese right now, I miss that and pasta. I’ve been having rice for dinner every night for almost the past three months and I’m just super sick of it and don’t get me started on eggs.

        By the way, dogs do love rice. My aunt says my grandpa feeds his dogs rice every meal and yet the dog never gets fat. 😀

  4. A very entertaining read. 😀
    As a rice farmer and eater (all my life), I can relate to your experience. I am not so familiar with most of the recipes I see in blogs but I can tell you with certainty that the rice we eat comes from our fields. 😀

  5. Sushi – ‘yuck’ – really? Whose sister are you? You heretic! I adore sushi. I think I need to convert you. Or remove the anti-sushi demon that inhabits your rice-loving soul.

    Where’s an exorcist when ya need one?

    • I don’t know how to tell you this. I do not eat fish of any kind, not even tuna. When I lived in Connecticut I ate shrimp, and scallops and lots of lobster and clams. Last time I had any kind of shellfish was in San Francisco in the 90’s. Yuck and double yuck, sister. Listen, I have a difficult time eating meat, poultry and eggs.I was a veggie for many years.

      Sorry, Sister.

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