My Left Knee


We can rebuild her. We have the technology. We can make her better than she was. Better, stronger, faster. She will be the 1,069th Bionic Woman in Florida. We replaced her right knee. Now we will replace her left knee.

Next, the rest of her body. Yes, we can rebuild her. Her bionic joints will last one million years. Of course, she will die of old age but her joints will be perfect. Anyone know if she needs dental work? We have bionic teeth with built-in GPS, sonar, and DISH TV.

It Imagehas been 2 months since the total replacement of my right knee. We knew I would eventually need to replace my left knee but I was hoping I could hang on for a year. In another month I am going to have the left knee replaced. I’ll be going back to the same hospital where my buddy, Ogre Nurse haunts the halls. This time around, I know the rules and I know how she thinks. No bed alarm this time.  And no more chocolate pudding that doesn’t require refrigeration.



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