Silver Alert

2014-11-11 18.21.05

Only in Florida. Or maybe in other states but very appropriate for the land of sunshine, snowbirds, God’s waiting room: the silver alert.

RM drove me to St. Petersburg today to pick up my written prescription for pain pills at the surgeon’s. Actually, I’m not in pain most of the time–just when doing physical therapy. That “no pain no gain” thing doesn’t work for me. One can’t have a script for any kind of narcotic called in or even faxed to the pharmacy. So, a trip to the surgeon’s was necessary.

As we were driving at break-neck speed down the freeway and following cars far too closely, I noticed the flashing sign overhead that flashed “silver alert” with a number to call. I asked RM what the heck that was: she told me it’s the elderly version of the “amber alert”. I think I laughed the rest of the way to St. Pete. Now, those of you who have a relative who has confusion issues, I’m not making fun of them. Just that they have their own alert and someone decided to call it “silver”.

Later, on the return, I could see the other info: Florida tag number and make of car. Again, I chuckled and told RM he was probably making a run for it from the nursing home or a well-meaning relative. RM told me there are more “silver alerts” than “amber alerts” in Florida. Gee, I wonder why? What I did discover is that many of the “silver alerts” involving motor vehicles are usually cars stolen, say in a parking lot, leaving the elderly person roaming the lot looking for the car while everyone else thinks he/she is in the car–driving to the house he lived in 30 years ago–Des Moines.

To make a long story just a bit longer, we stopped at the pharmacy to drop off the script. While waiting at the drive up, I spotted the alerted car in the parking lot but no one in it.  I dialed the “silver alert” number and within minutes a police car showed. We pointed out the car and then I spotted him–our “silver alertee”. He was roaming the parking lot of the grocery store, looking for his car. Hell, RM does that all the time.

All’s well with the world for the moment.

The above image is of the infamous “Louise”, my loyal walker. Today I graduated to a cane.  The tennis balls are pink–RM’s idea since I’m a survivor. None of this has anything to do with the above narrative, by the way.  In the background, the purple zebra thingy is covering an “antique” of RM’s which I have tolerated (barely) in my bedroom.  It’s more hideous than the covering I felt was appropriate. I finally convinced her it is not an antique, but junk and it’s going to the garage this week. And, yes, I wear funky flip-flops and I’m using my “leopard” cane.  I am blatantly sporting the symptoms: I have officially gone “Floridian”.

22 thoughts on “Silver Alert

  1. I am getting a real visual of you in those flip-flops, sporting that leopard cane, and admonishing your plants to grow… Glad to hear you’re doing better – excessively so, I hope.

    • Thanks. Yep. I’m much better. I still have a bunch of outpatient PT to go but that’s okay. Now I just have to catch up on my reading of everyone’s blogs. I created a new blog about the golden retriever I live with. It’s a blog in which he does all the talking. It’s cute but I don’t think it’ll make it. It’s a dog’s blog–helping other dogs with their humans. What do you think? Lucy

      • Sounds like a neat blog – can you share the address so I can visit? I’m crazy about dogs. I’ve probably asked you if you’ve read Garth Stein’s book, ‘The Art of Racing in the Rain.’ I loved that book.

      • I haven’t launched it yet. It’s ready to go but I wasn’t sure if I should do it. It was RM’s idea since she does adore her golden retriever. Let me take it off private and I’ll send you the address. Lucy

      • Lucy, I was unwell this past week and not able to look at the blog. I just went to view it and it seems to be gone. I’m sorry I didn’t make it in time to take a look; it sounded like something I’d enjoy.

      • I decided against it. I just can’t handle another blog right now. I have two on wordpress and one on tumblr. Yeah, it was cute. I did save it all to a file in case I want to get it going again. Hope you feel better. This is my 2nd week with the Florida Crud. Has all my bodily functions doing me in. And, is something like a cold. I haven’t been able to go to PT at all. But I do my exercises at home and I graduated myself to the cane. I’m able to walk almost like a human. It is wonderful not to have that knee pain. It’s just uncomfortable from one end of the incision to the other–numb actually and the nerves and muscles act up with sudden sharp pain. But, that’s decreasing. I think the numbness also has something to do with my neuropathy. Like I said, no more knee pain. I walked around the yard today and watered and pruned. It was great.

        Feel better, Sister. Lucy

  2. I’m glad you spotted the silver alertee and got him back to his family. It does sound humorous, but when it really happens to a family member, it’s hard not to go into a panic. My mother disappeared for four hours after she drove off to the hair salon where she’d been going for her “shampoo & set” for 18 years. When it started getting dark, we called the police, knowing she had trouble driving in the dark. Not long after the cops pulled up to take a report, Mom showed up. She said she couldn’t find the hairdresser’s and thought they may have moved, so she drove all over town looking at every salon on the way. It was our first realization that Mom was in the early stages of dementia, and it was time to take away the keys to the car. She was not happy, but given that I know one 89-year-old neighbor who disappeared and hasn’t been found to this day, I thought it was better to be angry about not being able to drive than be missing.

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