Lola and the ULF


“Take a seat, we’ll be leaving as soon as the pilot arrives. If he is not here in pi minutes then I will pilot the vehicle and require you to buckle up with full body restrainers…”

“Cut the chatter. Engage restrainers.”

“Hey, wait, the pilot’s coming! He’s waving…”

“Lift-off. Do not puke in my vehicle. If you puke in my vehicle I will throw you out the frigging hatch.”

That’s how my service to the Hegemony started. I puked and she didn’t throw me out but she did try. She was buffed but I’m wiry. She was one hell of a pilot, though. I’m pretty good. I’m contracted to do a lot of runs. It’s great money. Better than sitting at home with a husband and a screaming kid, waiting for the ULF’s Grand Battle Cruiser to point its planet eater at us.

My name is Lola Kansas527. I’m from the colony planet, Kansas. It’s a freezer planet and has one of the biggest Hegemony training centers in the System. That’s where I learned to fly just about everything. I’m in good shape but I hate to exercise, run, walk. Give me the control sticks and I am motivated.

We arrived at Mars12, an Hegemony combat and rescue planet for this sector of our galaxy–Andromeda–the galaxy that’s going to collide with the Milky Way in about 5 billion years. Doubt I’ll be around for that, although our lifespan has been increased two-fold since we colonized Andromeda.

Presently, I’m a captive of the ULF’s. Maybe they’re the ULF’s. No one ever laid eyes on one, yet this was our enemy. ULF stands for “ultimate life form”. Our origin was Earth in the Milky Way Galaxy. We were kicked out by the ULF’s who came from somewhere in the LMC (Large Magellanic Cloud). Our ancestors got as many out of harms way as they could. At least that’s what we were told.

It happened returning from a combat drop. There I was facing this ship. Next I know, I’m on the ULF Grand Battle Cruiser. The ULF’s were supposed to be hideous. The one talking to me–it couldn’t speak my language, so it used some fancy-looking translator. It told me our ancestors were still in the Milky Way Galaxy. It alleged the Sol System and Earth still existed.

It claimed they weren’t the ULF’s. They gave us the genetic potential for rapid enhancements needed to survive the unknown, such as the four arms many of us have. The soldier class has the third pivoting leg.

Was it telling the truth? I didn’t believe it and told it so. It removed its helmet and asked me:

“Do you notice anything different about me?”

How could I not?  We were both female; we looked alike.  I’m younger–better looking. She claimed she was the original Lola. Supposedly we were all clones and we were an experiment. We were being exterminated and the weapon was war…

I think she was lying. There’s only one Lola.

Flash Fiction Challenge #26
Prompt:  “Do you notice anything different about me?”
Word Count:  500
Picture credit:  Kameron Hurley

Many thanks to Ms Thain for hosting Flash Fiction Challenge at Thain in Vain







19 thoughts on “Lola and the ULF

  1. Lucy, this is really good. I liked the concept of the ULF, the clone’s surprise that she might be just one of multiple Lolas, the crisp and gritty way the story was told. You have a LOT of stuff in this story – it could make a pretty nifty sci if novel if you should ever try to expand on a lot of the ideas contained within.

    • Well thank you Sister Grime. I was so far behind in everything this past week. I wrote that under the influence of a fever. I wasn’t even sure if it made any sense. I have to get a cup of coffee and then sit down and catch up on reading your story and Thains and everyone over at Friday Fictioneers. thanks again Sister. Lucy. .

      • I love the Sister Grime. 😀 I hope you’re feeling better, Lucy. I am trying to play catch with reading as well. In fact, I think I have one you posted today that I want to read. Although I may save for tomorrow since I’m about ready to go to bed.

        I finished Geek Love. What an unusual, sad, horrifying AND compelling book. Thank you for recommending it. The characters were very vivid. Have you read the author’s other two books? I understand Geek Love is the best of her work.

      • No I haven’t read her other books. While you’re still bathing in the glow of weird and quirky, you should try A Confederacy of Dunces.

        I’m still now feeling very good. Just plodding along.. Lucy

      • I’m sorry to hear you’re still feeling unwell. 😦

        I am putting A Confederacy of Dunces on my to-read list. Was that made into a movie with Alec Guinness? Or am I thinking of something else?

      • Not that I’m aware. It’s a quirky book that takes place in New Orleans. A lot of grad students in lit have used it for their theses.. Guy who wrote it never submitted it for pub but committed suicide. His mom found the manuscript and took it to publishers and got it published and the author received the Pulitzer, posthumously of course. I just thought you already read a quirky, weird book so if you want another quirky, but not so weird, then go with Dunces.There’s always James Rollins. Great writer.Mystery, adventure and mutant species!!! I’d start with the first book–“Subterranean”.

        Kate, there are so many books, so many choices. Hope your 4th was good. I fell asleep and just woke up, now I’ll be up half the night. Lucy

      • My sister keeps telling me to read Rollins. I must! I told my husband today I have to stop working… it interferes with my reading life. He didn’t seem very sympathetic. 😀

      • Dear Sister Grime:

        I can sympathize with you on that. Gardening is interfering with my reading.,Luckily we’re getting rain every evening so I don’t have to water.. I want a maid and a butler.

        I’m falling asleep while writing this so I’d better go to bed. Lucy

    • Thanks. I’ve been sick for going on 2 weeks and I wrote that under the influence of a fever. I just hoped it made sense. I haven’t even read your story or any of the others. Thanks again. I see we have more and more bloggers joining in. Great. Lucy

    • Well, depends on the number of other universes there are. If there are a lot of Lolas then I’m not sure. But thanks for asking. I’m not sure I can handle a multiverse, but then, I can’t handle that many Lolas. Lucy

  2. I’m in agreement with Kate, I see a lot of potential for turning this into a novel-length piece, your flash fic has raised a lot of interesting questions re cloning etc.

    • Thanks. I appreciate your encouragement.. How are you doing with your internship? Hope it;s going well. Again, thanks for the encouragement. Lucy .

  3. You managed to pack a lot of story into 500 words! Impressive. And I’m a sucker for a good clone story. (Positively addicted to “Orphan Black.”) Looking forward to more!

    • Thanks. Yes , I like clone stories, too, and there will be more., such as a sequel to this one. Excessive thanks for stopping by and I do appreciate your comment. Lucy

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