Let’s Not Forget The Merchant Marine on Memorial Day, OK?

I just had to reblog this post. I knew the Merchant Marine shipped during WWII, I just did not realize how many were lost and how they were left without any benefits, having served their Country. Let’s not forget them again.

Enchanted Seashells by Princess Rosebud

LANE-VICTORY-approaching-Berth-46-on-February-6-2012.-Photo-by-Jim-Shuttleworth SS Lane Victory

We honor all who served and made the ultimate sacrifice, but let’s never forget our merchant mariners.

U.S. Merchant Marine had highest casualty rate during World War II, yet received no GI benefits…

The U.S. Merchant Marine has rarely received its due recognition in helping the Allies win World War II, although mariners were the first to go, last to return and suffered the highest casualty rate of any group that served.

One in twenty-six mariners was killed in World War II; by comparison, one in 34 Marines was killed.

The first American victim of Axis aggression was not at Pearl Harbor, but a Merchant Marine ship two years earlier.

By the time of the Pearl Harbor attack, 243 mariners had already died from Axis attacks on the ships that shuttled materiel to U.S. allies already at war.

The Merchant Marine suffered its own Pearl Harbor at…

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