It’s National fill in the blank Day

Today is :   National Awkward Moment Day and National Sloppy Joe Day.   We’ve all had an awkward moment or two.   I’ll share one of mine if you’ll share one of yours (the comment box is somewhere around here).

Image Lima, Peru .  My friend Ann and I were to meet her friends at a very special birthday party.   Her friends were going to be late.   We showed up, after getting lost a few times.  We made our excuses and gave the 15-year-old girl her gifts.  We ate and drank and enjoyed the music and we were having a great time.  There was a knock at the door.  It was Ann’s friends.   They were out looking for us because we hadn’t shown up for the party.  We went to the wrong house.  What are the odds that we could show up at the wrong house where they were having the very same kind of party,  a quincineañera, a girl’s 15th birthday?   We certainly couldn’t take back the gifts.  We  apologized for being stupid, thanked them for everything, and went on to the right party, sin los regalos  (without the gifts).

ImageNational Sloppy Joe Day has to be extemporaneous, like this post.  Who would want to celebrate fried ground beef in a tomato-sauce-like substance, with suspicious additives, on a bun, other than people who live in group homes, and my roommate?    Has anyone ever reported ordering it at a restaurant?   Even Ma Kettle wouldn’t have served it to the Little Kettles.   Not when there’s perfectly good squirrels and rabbits available.  When my roommate declares Sloppy Joe night,  I grab a yogurt, a protein bar, and iced-tea and hide out in my room until the repast is over.   And, if it’s Manwich night?   I usually leave the house.

ImageI’ve been thinking about contributing my own national days.  How about National: ” I locked my keys and my dog in the car and AAA showed up in an hour  Day”?  Equally celebratory:    “My order from BetterWorldBooks arrived in the same month Day”  or, “The pharmacy was mistaken, I do have a refill left on my antidepressant  Day”?     One can actually register  online, a particular day to celebrate whatever.  I think it has to be legitimate  and  not moronic.    I’m going to check to see if anyone else has registered the book one.   Let’s face it, it is a great day to celebrate receipt of your book order.

What day would you like to be a National Day?   C’mon, don’t be shy, the comment box is around here somewhere.

Note to Readers:   the opinions recorded  here  are solely the opinions of the Author and that’s not my dog.

4 thoughts on “It’s National fill in the blank Day

  1. Couldn’t help but laugh at that party scenario, sounds like something I would do! Definitely makes for a great story though. Didn’t know it was National Awkward Moment Day; for the rest of the day I am going to use that as an excuse for all my awkward moments. Thanks for sharing!

    -Awkward Girl

    • Thanks Annie. I like your idea. I just went to the store in my Disney Tinkerbell jammies. But, then, this is Florida and people wear whatever here. Lucy

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