Garden update

 I  like gardening – it’s a place where I find myself when I need to lose myself. – Alice Sebold

It’s getting close to the Vernal Equinox.  Spring will begin March 20th.  It’s  time for an update on how the plants weathered the winter here in Florida.  We had several weeks of below 60 F (15 C) which may sound ludicrously warm to those of you who have received a lot of snow.  Sorry about that.  I had to lug several of my potted plants into the house at night, such as the aloe vera, the crown of thorns; New Guinea impatience, and my young banana plants. It was a pain in the toches but well worth it in the long run.

New Guinea impatience

New Guinea impatience

crown of thorns

crown of thorns

young banana plant

young banana plant

Surely it should be dead hibiscus

Surely  should be dead hibiscus


As you can see in the photos above, everyone’s doing fine, even “surely should be dead”  hibiscus, though she is still devoid of many of her leaves. The crown of thorns and the impatience continued to bloom all throughout the winter.   I dug up four young banana plants (pups) , put them in pots and cut the tops off.  They started growing shoots within 24 hours.   Once they  outgrow their pots I’ll plant them in the stand of banana plants.

The ICBM palm missiles have grown handsomely.  My neighbor has yet to mention the two missiles growing in his palm tree.  This morning I spotted another missile taking shape on the other side of the larger missile (a.k.a., “‘Fat Man”) which, annoyingly, is on the neighbor’s side.  I will try to get a photo of that one somehow.

2014-02-24 16.02.26-22014-02-24 16.02.26-1

The second missile, with its pointed nose, can be seen to the left of the stem; the large stem being between the two missiles.  As you can see the first missile, “Fat Man”,  looks ready to launch.  I wonder what the intended target is:  Iran, North Korea, Iceland?  One can only speculate.  There are rumors about  Indian Bingo; the Gateway Arch and  one of those three-letter agencies.

I haven’t given an update lately on mostly dead tree.  She’s due to be cut down sometime in March.  We will miss her.  There will be a memorial post following her demise.

2013-12-29 11.10.42
If a tree dies, plant another in its place. – Carolus Linnaeus

5 thoughts on “Garden update

  1. I like that Crown of Thorns tell me about that plant.I am so ready to trim up our plants and see some flowers coming back. Many of the things we have planted die back in the winter. They say wait until you know the cold is gone before trimming them up so were waiting. Its so strange how you can have the prettiest yard on the street in the springtime and in the winter it looks gross. I might go buy me some flowers this week I need something blooming. I am such a flower person. Our wisteria should be blooming soon and will be followed by the azalias.

    • The crown of thorns is sort of a cactus but not. It has , deep green leaves and colorful flowers which can come in red or pink and in different shades. You can pot it or plant in the ground. It will develop into sort of a bush. The stems are thick with large thorns. Mine have been blooming since I bought them at home depot last spring. This has to be one of my favorite plants. On really cold nights, below 50 F I brought them in because I wanted them to continue blooming. They actually grew more this winter than they did in the summer. You’ll love them.

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