The Art of Trying

Congratulations, Pouring My Art Out            Image
Over 21,000 comments, brought about
Now you’re aiming for four thousand more
Told you, I knew it– shut the front door!
Did I not say so, in my last rhyming
We all know your goal will keep climbing


How about 30,000, or forty or fifty
Why stop there, how about sixty?
This could go on for months, maybe years
Minions will mutiny and move to Tangiers
Or maybe Brazil and hide in the jungle
They’ll need bug repellent and antifungal


There’s always New Guinea or Madagascar
They could take a boat, a plane would be faster
Or run to Miami and hop a freighter
But you would find them, sooner or later
Put them to task, if they refuse
Measure each for a pair of cement shoes


With your minions and others  enslaved
You will return to the limelight you craved
Goals will be set and reached unimpaired
You’ll be the first to achieve 300 squared
You’re ambitious, pushy, taxing, demanding
Irksome, annoying, yet you’re still standing


Bothersome, challenging, stubborn; a pest
Irritating, maddening, vexing, obsessed
Distracting, troubling, grating, disturbing
Distressing, depressing; very perturbing
Upsetting, unnerving, warped, self-absorbed
Delusional,  yet still you’re adored


You might as well continue the quest
The fly in the ointment for WordPress
Fasten your seatbelt, get ready to rumble
Disquietly sweet, helpful, and humble


One more thing, then I must leave
You always have something up your sleeve
I bet your’re after bigger game
Something that will bring you fame


I’m running out of words for you
Rhyming is fading, words are few
My strength is waning, I am spent
I  wish you well to a great extent.Image

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14 thoughts on “The Art of Trying

  1. That was pretty awesome, what a fabulous rhyme. As a fellow minion of the realm, I give you a 21 gun salute! Along with fireworks, candy and balloons, courtesy of the PMAO minions account – soft drinks are included but alcoholic beverages are extra until the post hits a million then anything goes).

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