Artful Dodger

To those of you who know the strange man behind Pouring My Art Out I have written another poem on his behalf.  You can see the first poem, which I think is brilliant on my other blog, The Sapient Chronicles.  I had not rhymed anything in years and it has taken me awhile to get into the rhythm of it.

Art, that strange man, has achieved the improbable:  Over 20,000 comments on one post. Here’s the link, comments are gladly accepted and expected.  You will get a reply.

To Art’s minions, I bequeath this little ditty.


The boy is back in town
There’ll be no fooling around
For at least five minutes
We better call Guinness

He was an attentive host
But now he has to post
Earth shattering fiction
To feed his addiction
To be in the spotlight
He has to blog all night

Maybe he’ll be Freshly Pressed
Or possibly under house arrest
A Pulitzer would be to his liking
Perhaps a god or even a viking
That would suit him just fine
Actually a Nobel would be divine

He won’t get any award or wealth
Until he resolves his mental health
He’s two minutes shy of being crazy
Demented, mad, his cerebrum hazy
Loony, gaga, sicko, disturbed
Unhinged, unbalanced, weird, absurd

Balmy, haywire, wacky, berserk
Unstable enough for literary work
Certifiable, maniacal, running amok
Psychotic, neurotic, a very queer duck

Despite all his drawbacks and fears
His demonic possession for years
Those psychosomatic aches and pain
His minions gone, no one to blame

He’ll scheme something this weekend
Something silly, upbeat and on trend
Bizarre, outlandish, flaky, demanding
Eccentric, freaky with Art commanding.

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