Flash Fiction Challenge #4 – Jungle

Prompt: Two people get into a heated discussion on a busy city street.

“Hey, hey, you!  You took my space.”

“Mister you can’t double park here! You’re blocking my car!”

“You take my parking space?  I’ve been driving around the block for an hour. I had my signal on and you… you zip in and steal my spot!”

” You snooze, you lose. You got all that time to drive around then you can do it some more.  I got an appointment…”

“Come back, here, you… that’s not right!”

“I do not have time for this, Mister. Jesus. Okay, look over there… on the left, there… there’s a  garage.”

“I’m not paying $30 to park…”

“That’s your problem, Mister. Next time take one of those disabled vans or something… ”

“I’m not DISABLED.  I’m just OLD! And that should mean something in this country. I laid down my life in Nam so you piss ants could steal my parking…”

“Don’t start, OLD MAN. I was in Iraq…”

“Ah, that’s nothing. Piece of cake. All that high tech stuff… SOME WAR…”

“Hey, bullets kill whether you’re in Nam or Irag. We had IED’s…”

“Jungle, that’s what I fought in. Those Gooks had tunnels and traps… try stepping on punji sticks…”

“I haven’t got time for this, Mister. You better be gone by the time I come out…”

“You see! This is what I mean! You kids today don’t know how…”

“Mister, I’m no kid.  This is my spot, my car is here, and I’m going inside. Have a nice day.”

Forty-five minutes later…

“Christ, you still here?  What is your problem? Move your damn car!”

“Why should I, you piss ant?”

“This is nuts! Did your head get all messed up in Nam you… freak? Do I have to call a cop? What the hell…”

“You see, you see?  I’m not old, I’m just in your way!”

“You are so nuts.”

“I’m not nuts, I’m not disabled… I am a senior citizen… a citizen in this country and a veteran. You punks don’t know how to respect…”

A Police cruiser pulled behind the Old Man’s car unnoticed. Two Officers got out and approached the two men standing in the street. A young female Officer stopped in front of the Old Man, looked up at him and asked him what was going on.  Both men started talking…

“Settle down. Sir, Sir, there is no double parking here.  Would you please move your car and allow this gentleman to leave?”

“He’s screwed up ’cause of Nam.”

“You were in Viet Nam, Sir? So was my grandfather. May I shake your hand, Sir, and thank you for your service?”

“Ah, why…it would be a pleasure.”

“I don’t believe this. He breaks the law and you  shake his hand…”

“Listen. Sir?  First, there was the stinking jungle. Second… these men came home to be spat on or ignored. Like it NEVER happened.  Give this gentleman your respect.”

“Hey, I was in Iraq…”

“Thank you for your service,” quipped the Old Man, extending his hand to his younger adversary.


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