Triffids trip but they don’t fall down

ImageAnother day, another challenge.

If you read my post “The recalcitrant hibiscus”, then you know that I think surely she’s an alien.  Specifically, a Triffid.  Not the really cool type of Triffid in the BBC series.  No, I mean the starring Howard Keel who has been in Broadway and film musicals,  type of Triffid from 1962.  Right now it is 40 F ( 5 C).  Yes, here in Florida.  I’ve brought in all the delicate potted plants and have chased lizards all night.  I didn’t screen the pots well enough.  At least the lizards will be warm.

ImageDespite the lizard round-up, I have a treat for you. Here is the original Triffid film via YouTube.   You really can’t pass this up. Trust me, it beats “Attack of the Killer Tomatoes”.  Enjoy.

Your excessive thoughts, please

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