Checking out the Hood

ImageDay 4.  Assignment: Explore the neighborhood. I checked out several blogs but was unable to add any more blogs to follow since I already have way over 30. I am listing the blogs that I recently added.

I particularly like Portrait Photography.  I always wanted to be able to take great photos.  Jackie Speaks It is very insightful and Flamingo Dancer’s Blog is very entertaining.  Don’t worry about No. 5, He’s going to die someday not right now. Leaning on the Son had a great post about her cave woman coming out against cell phones in particular. The rest are just amazingly good.   And these are just my most recent picks.  They’re the same for my other blog, in which I just listed them in the name of expediency. Just to let you know, the Hood looks good.                                   

  1. Leaning on the Son
  2. ♥ Jackie Speaks It ♥
  3. Portrait Photography
  4. rarasaur
  5. Because I’m Going To Die
  6. Flamingo Dancer’s Blog
  7. Zezee with Books
  8. Abby Has Issues
  9. Mindful Digressions
  10. I Miss You When I Blink

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