What was I thinking?

ImageDay 3’s assignment for the Zero to Hero challenge is to write the post that was on my mind when I decided to start a blog.

My first post was “Don’t touch my lizards”.  Oh, yeah, I had lizards on my mind. I really did.  They were everywhere. They would sneak into the house and typically lived in my roommate’s bathroom. Here are the rest of my reasons:

I signed up with WordPress over a year ago. I had finally finished the last of my treatments for cancer and was planning to have a blog about financially surviving cancer. A friend talked me out of it since she felt, and I had to agree, cancer survival has been so done.

I tried to think of some other topic to write about. I certainly didn’t want to write a journal, a “Dear Diary”. Time passed. I moved to Florida, right on the Gulf, and became obsessed with all the tropical vegetation. I bought an excessive amount of plants and went about planting and potting. However, Florida, fauna and pestilence began attacking my plants and on occasion I would take a direct assault from a tree frog, or a snake, lizards and squirrels. Even the local Red-bellied woodpecker has it in for me, not to mention having to dodge falling tree limbs from the “mostly dead” tree.

My roommate found it all very humorous and suggested I write about my misadventures. I was thinking about it when I received an email from WordPress congratulating me on my one year anniversary. I felt foolish that I had waffled for so long and that’s how “The Excessive Gardener” came about. The enemy is attacking and I have to defend my gardens.

However, “The Excessive Gardener” puts me in a niche. Mind you, I enjoy this niche. And I enjoy telling stories about my creepy little wonderland of a backyard. I wanted to do something more but I didn’t want to change this blog’s theme or content.  That’s where my other blog came in,  sans niche.

8 thoughts on “What was I thinking?

    • Thanks. Just not working on the other one. I purchased a custom design upgrade for the breakfast club and I’m having a good time playing with colors. I’ll have to stop soon or I won’t have the assignment in. Thanks. I’ll be over to your blog in a few. Lucy

  1. I have the second blog posted not the first one alhtough it is done I had another post I needed to make first… LOL at us juggling two blogs I am sure others are juggling more than us..

    • I have a third one on tumblr which I have yet to post anything. What was I thinking? Anyway, almost done redesigning the blog. I could care less about colors and such I just wanted control over the fonts. I’ll let you know when I’m done so you can take a look. Keep at it.

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