Who am I?

Everything in excess is opposed to Nature – Hippocrates

ImageHello. My name is Lucy and I am an excessive gardener. I have gardened on and off over the years in various USDA Plant Hardiness Zones. I moved to Zone 10a from Zone 7b last winter .  My problem is that I am consumed by my  fondness  of plants. I can’t pass by a Home Depot or Lowe’s without stopping in to make a quick purchase at the gardening center.

I am a Biological Anthropologist with a lot of free time:  I had Stage III cancer and  did not weather the cancer treatment so well.  That said, I have become pathologically immersed in the ecosystem present in my yard, in particular:  insects that eat my plants and lizards, lots of lizards, that need to step up and eat the frigging insects. I am not growing a garden, I am defending it.

Won’t you follow me as I face pestilence, locusts, frogs falling from the sky, and dodge heavy limbs hurtling towards Earth from the “mostly dead” tree? There will be plant care and gardening tips;  backyard science, humor and commentary


6 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. Great post, Lucy! Just so you know, I live in the purple zone! Right now it’s -23F ( Google the Celsius) in my neck of the woods! It’s pretty damn cold! And nothing but fir trees and chilly humans are alive!

    • You poor thing. We’re having a bit of a cold spell here you know, for Florida. Like the post? I’m doing that zero to hero for 30 days and that was the exercise. I’m working on my flash fiction.
      I almost wrote a poem for zero to hero along the lines of the Rolling Stones’ Sympathy for the devil. Actually, I did write it but I didn’t submit it. You were even mentioned in it: Thain In Vain rhymes with Hope you guess my name.
      Do you have a fireplace or wood stove? Just the thought of -23F scares me. I’ve downhill skied at -45F.. That was one quick trip down the mountain.
      Stay warm, my friend.

      • Good for you doing the Zero to Hero challenge! I think these challenges are really an effective way to motivate you to write daily! Looking forward to your flash fiction!!

        Wow, I made it into you poem! I’m honoured! Are you to share that poem? Love to read it!

        I don’t mode the winter for the most part. It kills all the insects and I don’t feel guilty for not going outside as I do in the summer! And I have a fireplace, which is lovely on a cold Sunday afternoon!

        Today, it’s -8. Downright balmy!

      • Yes, sounds nearly tropical there. We actually hit 48F during the night. Woke up this morning freezing and turned on the heat. You don’t need to use the heat very often here. Okay, I might get brave enough to post the poem which just follows Jagger’s lyrics. I also have a youtube to embed playing sympathy for the devil. It would be a regular circus. That’s something I would put on my other blog The Breakfast Club. Keep warm, thanks for the “like”. Lucy

  2. I Love your blog and I will follow you to learn more on gardening. We love to garden. Our yard is on a acre so it takes a lot of planning to figure it all out.. South Texas has great weather for most plants so were in a good zone.

    • Well thank you. I lived in Kerrville for awhile up in the hill country. It was beautiful there. I almost moved to Corpus instead of Florida but I think I made the right decision. Just let me know what you need to know and I will research if I don’t know the answer and post it. Next I’m going to be talking about banana plants or maybe avocados. Thanks for coming by. Lucy

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